Counter Side Tier List

The tier list tries to show how good the employees are in SEA and Global regions. The ratings are subjective and can change when a meta shift or a balance patch happens.

Tier list
Overall PVE rating
SEA server
Information about the tier list
  • The tier list is a current tier list for SEA and Global Regions. It doesn't take into account future employees OR the meta shifts that happened in the KR region.
  • The current Global Region PVP ratings are our predictions for the meta during first 2 weeks after release. They will be adjusted once we observe how things play out there,
  • Overall PVE rating is displayed by default, but you can change it using the dropdown on the right (or above, if you're on mobile).
  • Overall PVE rating is auto-generated from partial ratings (Story, Raid, Danger Close etc) using a weighted formula. So to find out how good an employee is in certain content, use the dropdown or go to his profile and check Analysis tab.
  • Employees inside a tier are displayed randomly.
Changelog (Updated: 18 June, 2022)

This week's change has been massive as 70% of the units had their PVP ratings adjusted for SEA/KR regions. We've also removed E and F ratings as they were pretty pointless and furthermore the definition of ratings has been split between PVE and PVP - just to give us more control over the ratings themselves.

The Global PVP Ratings are now also updated!

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