Counter Side Shadow Palace - Tips for all floors

In this guide you will find generic tips for all floors of Shadow Palace.

Generic tips
  • Compared to other modes, once you attack a room, you can't restart the fight by pausing and leaving. Doing so, will cost you one of the three Hearts that you receive after using the Ticket to enter a floor.
  • Before you enter a stage, read the restrictions carefully and also check the enemies you will fight there. Some rooms can easily wipe your whole team if you make a mistake.
  • All enemies you will fight in Shadow Palace are considered as C.O.
  • If a floor has a boss, in reality it isn't marked as a boss type, so skills that normally don't work on them, will work here. The Ship is categorized as a boss though.
Best non-awakened employees

SSR rarity employees will form the backbone of your team. Here's a list of most universal employees that work really well in Shadow Palace thanks to their kits.

Edel Meitner

MVP of Shadow Palace. Her kit is perfect for that mode. Not only does she deal 80% more damage to C.O., the minions she summons act as tanks for the rest of the team as the absorb valid hits from enemies skills.

Yang Harim

Her barriers and skill haste buff greatly decrease the difficulty of the stages as even a 1HP barrier can 'eat' the whole damage of a skill.

Evelyn Keller

She's the best pure healer in the game and also being an air-type employee, she can avoid a lost of nasty skills.

Nanahara Chifuyu

She’s the most versatile Striker and is also very tanky. A great tank especially for Defender ban stages.


A strong DPS that can provide CC and attack the backline - always a great pick for most rooms.

Kyle Wong

Not only do his shields act as tanks, they can also stun enemies interrupting their deadly skills.


Despite her high cost, she's a great tank for this mode. Her supporting abilities allow other members of the team to survive longer.

Rosaria le Friede

Her kit allows her to shine here as she can stack her passive and being an air-type employee, she can avoid a lot of skills that can decimate your ground employees.

Xiao Lin

Bringing the best DPS in the game obviously helps a lot.

Best 2-cost employees

Because nearly half of the stages have a 25 cost limit, low cost units are essential in your teams, especially if you want to use Awakened units there.

Administrator Rifleman & Shieldman

Both Old Administration units shine in Shadow Palace - one brings tons of damage, the other can not only tank, but also absorb valid hits.

Eddie Fisher

Great buffer for both Soldiers and Counters.

Assault Trooper

Both great damage dealer and paratrooper that can attack the backline.

Cindy Looper

She can act as a tank in stages where defenders are banned

Eins & Zwei

They can act as a tank in stages where defenders are banned, but also they bring a lot of needed CC.

Best awakened employees

Awakened Yuna Springfield

A tank/damage dealer hybrid that can deal millions of damage with her passive alone. Often it’s enough to deploy her first and just support her with other characters to pass a stage.


Brings ridiculous debuffs and also her summon, Spira, can act as a tank.

Awakened Seo Yoon

A Ranger/Sniper hybrid summoner and damage dealer that also can keep herself alive by jumping to the backline once her health drops. Her heal-block is also useful in one of the floors.

Awakened Hilde

Deploy her first and let her tank everything while your damage dealers deal with the floor. Since there are no stars here, you just need to beat the stage before the 3 minutes timer reaches zero. Still, both Yuna and Seo Yoon are better choices, especially for cost-restricted rooms, so use them over Hilde if you have them.

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