Counter Side Shadow Palace - Floor 4

In this guide you will find tips that will help you pass the fourth floor in the Shadow Palace.

MVP employees

Since Janus is this biggest issue on this Floor, Regina shines here as she can make it a lot weaker.

If you have Awakened Yuna, you can slap her in your team for Rooms 1-4 and she will carry you. She's that good.

Starting from this floor, enemies' Special skills can wipe your team, having hit absorbers is necessary - both Kyle's walls and Edel's summons fill that role really well.

Flying characters that can deal damage and avoid being stunned are great here - but Janus isn't available in Global yet, so you kinda need Rosaria.

Shin Jia fulfills three roles here - buffer, hit absorber and CC bot.

Shadow Enemy

Janus on drugs. Far sturdier and scarier with his upped damage.

Shadow Enemy

His kit is different, but overall he pushes your team back toward the ship and keeps stunning them.

Shadow Enemy

His -50% ATK debuff is quite annoying and it takes some time to kill him.


Works way different compared to the ship we can use. Special attack fires lasers that deal damage and push the team back (this attack also hits air). Ultimate is battlefield-wide aoe that CC and damages your team.

  • Room 1 - Defenders are banned
  • Room 2 - Supporters are banned
  • Room 3 - Snipers are banned
  • Room 4 - Max 25 deployment cost
  • Room 5 - Max 25 deployment cost and Awakened units are banned

This floor can be cleared with multiple teams and you don't have to follow the guide 100%. If you for example have Ifrit or Chifuyu geared well, you can basically use on every room as Strikers are getting a free pass on this floor and aren't banned even once.

Room 1

First Room is already one of the hardest on this floor as you have to face Janus. There's so many healers here because his damage is stupid.

Example team (order matters):

Room 2

Supporters are banned on this floor, so you have to clear it quickly or risk being chipped down by enemies.

Example team (order matters):

Room 3

Your goal here is to overhelm evil Gabriel and do it from safe distance to avoid being massively debuffed by his aura.

Example team (order matters):

Room 4

Evil Gabriel and evil Ryan are the enemies you will fight here. Overall, it's a pretty straightforward room.

Example team (order matters):

Room 5

Well. This is the room where a lot of players might become stuck. You have to face all three shadows here and things will get wild if you allow them to overwhelm you.

Example team (order matters):

Video guide

The video guide uses different teams, so if you lack some of the employees in the teams above, you can try Cymen's approach.

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