Counter Side Shadow Palace - Floor 3

In this guide you will find tips that will help you pass the third floor in the Shadow Palace.

MVP employees

I think you already noticed the theme. You will need Air units here or you’ll need to actually think.

If you don’t want to cheese the floor with air units, you’ll need a tank with MDL to tank Sha(d)o(w) Lin’s.

Kyle, Regina, and Edel can produce disposable units to tank Shadow Lin’s shots.

Well... there are two of them, so they get two-shot instead of one-shot.

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Xiao

She one-shots any ground unit that isn’t a tank with MDL.

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Rivet

Scary wabbit, but thankfully she -similar to Xiao-only targets ground units. She deals increased damage to Counters too which proves deadly. She’s the reason why this floor is considered annoying because sometimes her special can wipe your whole team and it’s really RNG based because of the massive AOE that can randomly hit your backline.

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Liv

Has tons of evasion and is super tanky, but doesn’t do anything besides that (unless you let her get to your ship, then she will pummel it to death)


The New Detroit acts differently in Shadow Palace. Basically, each time a ground unit crosses half of the map it will launch a skill that does quite a lot of damage and pushes everyone back. That’s why pure Air teams are so popular here because not only Xiao/Rivet can’t hit them, but also the ship is neutralized.

  • Room 1 - Snipers are banned
  • Room 2 - Strikers are banned
  • Room 3 - Defenders are banned
  • Room 4 - Max 25 deployment cost
  • Room 5 - Max 25 deployment cost and Awakened units are banned

While floors 1 and 2 allowed you to slap random units together or use Awakened units to carry you, floor 3 isn’t that nice. Basically, you’re forced to use Air teams or you will get punished by the mechanics on the floor. Still, you can pass the stages with Ground units, but it requires manual gameplay/good gear/A.Hilde.

If you don’t have enough Air units, use Towers like Choi Ina/Gabriel and drop them on your side of the field. A lot of teams will use ALSY here and it’s really hard to replace her.

Room 1

No snipers on this floor mean no Lyudmila and you have to use other niche Air units as fodder (or towers). So get your Black Tails/Reapers/Sparrows/etc out of the garage!

Example team - air (order matters):

Example team - ground (order matters):

Room 2

Strikers are banned this time here.

Example team - air (order matters):

Example team - ground (order matters):

Room 3

Defenders are banned this time, but you don’t really use them on this floor so it’s not a big loss (at least for the air teams). River is really RNG character and if she uses her special at a wrong moment it can wipe your team.

Example team - air (order matters):

Example team - ground (order matters):

Room 4

This is where the issues start because the deployment cost is quite punishing and even if you have ALSY it will be hard for you to fit here in your team. A lot of people get stuck on this and the last room especially.

Example team - air (order matters):

Example team - ground (order matters):

Room 5

Cost restriction + awakened unit banned. Not that it changes anything, because it’s hard to use ALSY with the cost restriction here anyway. Prepare yourself for the possibility of being stuck here for some time.

Example team - air (order matters):

Example team - ground (order matters):

Video guideCredits to CymenSniped
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