Counter Side Shadow Palace - Floor 1

In this guide you will find tips that will help you pass the first floor in the Shadow Palace.

MVP employees

Snipers are really important here as they can simply out-range the evil Joo Shiyoon counter attack.

Bring your own Joo Shiyoon to deal with the evil Shiyoon!

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Joo Shiyoon

The biggest problem on Floor 1 is Joo Shiyoon because he can counter your skills and once he does, he one-shots your team basically. The best way of dealing with it is to either safely detonate it with a sacrifice (e.g. Kang’s car) or to just use someone who can trigger and tank it out before placing the rest of the team (e.g. Yumi). Still, similar to normal Shiyoon, he can’t counter awakened units' skills, so if you rely on those, you will be safe. You can also use your Shiyoon to counter the evil Shiyoon which is actually pretty funny.

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Lumi

Lumi is the second unique enemy you will fight on this floor and it’s important to attack and hitstun her within 7 seconds after the battle starts. That’s the only way to stop her from summoning her car that will roll over your team like she did that poor elephant in her Counter Case. #JusticeForElephante

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Ogami Masaki

The third unique enemy is Ogami Masaki, but he doesn’t really do anything special here.


The ship that you will fight here is a modified Balisada that works similar to Enterprise - the skill pulls your units to the center and debuffs their evasion.

  • Room 1 - Strikers are banned
  • Room 2 - Defenders are banned
  • Room 3 - Rangers are banned
  • Room 4 - Max 25 deployment cost
  • Room 5 - Max 25 deployment cost and Mechs are banned

Any room can be cleared with dozens, if not more, different teams. Obviously, if you have Yuna/Hilde/ASY, you can slap her into your team and she will carry you, but the example teams below are targeted toward players that don’t really have any awakened units.

Also Floor one is really easy and even in Global, the majority of players should be able to clear it easily, don't worry about tuning your team for auto-battle. Floor 2 and 3 should be the place you will want to optimize your teams more.

Room 1

For Room 1, the tactic is to counter-counter Joo Shiyoon and keep him CCed and if you do that, you’re basically done with the room.

Example team (order matters):

Room 2

Here speed and CC matter the most. You want to keep Lumi under CC all the time, so she can’t summon the damn monster truck that can wipe your team. Still, with strong enough setup you can ignore her mechanic.

Example team (order matters):

Room 3

Probably the easiest room on this floor because you only fight Ogami here. Just overwhelm him and you’ve basically won.

Example team (order matters):

Room 4

This time you fight Lumi and Masaki at the same time, but he’s not a big threat so ignore him and focus on Lumi. Still, this is the first stage with a 25 deployment cost limit, so you have to carefully pick and choose who you want to bring.

Example team (order matters):

Room 5

The boss room where you fight the whole trio. There’s nothing really different from other rooms here besides that.

Example team (order matters):

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