Counter Side Rearm Guide

Rearm in Counter Side allows you to evolve older employees, drastically increasing their power by gaining additional stats and new kit. This guide will show you how the system works.


When Rearm System was first released in the KR region it caused a massive backlash as the cost of rearming one employee was way too high and even whales were complaining about it. But after 2 weeks the system was redesigned and in the current form, it's actually pretty decent cost wise.

Here's the overview of the Rearm system:

  • An employee needs to be limit broken to level 110 before he can be Rearmed,
  • After starting the Rearm process, the base version of the employee is replaced with the Rearmed one and he's leveled down to level 1 (The Loyalty and Life Contract status are kept),
  • Rarity of the Rearmed employee is increased by one (max SSR),
  • Rearmed employees get new art and skill, but their class and cost can also change,
  • The maximum level of skills is increased from 5 to 10, but SR and SSR Rearmed employees will need Unit Data to level up the skills past level 5,
  • Rearmed employees gain Leader skills. Leader skills are activated when the employee is used as Leader in the battle,
  • Rearmed employees can equip their base version skins and Exclusive Equipment,
  • Rearmed employees are treated as base employees for various missions clear conditions.
How to Rearm someone?

To Rearm an employee simply go to your HQ and in the Research Room you will find the option to do it. There you will be greeted with the list of available Rearms (look at the image above). Once you select an employee to Rearm, you will have to pay the 'fee' to actually do it.

Here's what you will need:

  • Credits,
  • Cores and Special Cores,
  • Rearm Data and Special Rearm Data (a new currency; how to get it will be explained further down the guide).

Here's a table showing the number of the resources needed to Rearm an employee depending on his base rarity:

RarityCreditsRearm DataSpecial Rearm DataCoresSpecial Cores
R2 500 00035-7030
SR3 500 00050-20045
SSR5 000 000-8027060

After you rearm someone, you will have to level him back to level 110, but thankfully one of the changes to the Rearm system removed the need to use Cubes and Fusion Cores to limit break the employee again. So now you just need Appraisals and here's the amount of EXP needed:

  • N Rarity - 1 275 841
  • R Rarity - 1 467 217
  • SR Rarity - 1 722 385
  • SSR Rarity - 3 253 395

And here's the cost of leveling the skills from level 6 to 10:

RarityRed Skill booksInfoUnit data
R1939 4250
SR27513 45070
SSR34217 500120

Unit Data can be bought from Planet Mall store, but only for SSR employees and you will need 2k Planet Points to max level 1 SSR employee skills to the max, or obtained from Data Transmission Room.

Data Transmission

Data Transmission is a new system that allows you to consume not needed SR and SSR rarity employees and obtain Rearm Data, Special Rearm Data and Unit Data.

Before the rework, Rearm Data was split into types depending on the class of the employee you sacrificed, but this was removed and now you always gain universal Rearm data. Also, can Transmit only employees with SR rarity and above. From SR rarity employees you will obtain Rearm Data and from SSR ones, Special Rearm Data.

Considering that you need 80 Special Rearm Data to rearm an SSR rarity employee, you need to sacrifice 4 other SSR employees (down from 14 pre-rework).

Also, SSR units which are obtained from gacha give 20 SSR Data while others only 1/10th of it.

A nice trick

You can sacrifice dupes of an SSR employee that you plan to Rearm and this allows you to save 2k Planet Points that you would have to spend on getting the Unit Data. This means that you will need 4 dupes of an SSR employee to Rearm him AND max his skills at the same time, so if you get dupes of a employee that has a Rearm, keep them.

Available Rearms

Currently there's a few available rearms and one employee has two different paths she can take. Sadly, if you want to obtain both version, you will have to do the whole process twice - there's no way to switch between them.

Best Mascot Irie

Sadly, while her rearm makes her a better tank, she still lacks MDL to make her worth using over other Defenders. Still, rearming her is way cheaper than other employees due to her base rarity being R.

Purple Haze Laura

She's a nightmare in PVP with the global ASPD debuff and her summon gaining Perfect Evasion, so it lives longer and add its own debuffs to the pool. Due to her low cost, you can throw her in any team and she will do good there. If you're serious about PVP, you need her.

Special Agent Eujin

Well, after she learned to use her weapons, she turned into a sniper that can execute the backline. How does that work, don't ask me. Still, she's pretty good pick for PVP now, but not really that good in PVE.

Expert Mercenary Yoo Mina

Even after the rearm, the MC of the game is still underwhelming - while she shines in stages where you fight waves of enemies due to her massive AOE, her single target damage is still weak even after her Rearmed version received a small buff to damage modifiers (and rework of her art).

Best Streamer Miya

Rearm Miya is just a better version of her base, but sadly that isn't enough to actually make her usable as she kept all her weaknesses.

Dark Seven Sylvia

While on paper, her Rearm should make her a perfect counter to Nestkeeper Xiao, her stats and damage holds her back and she often dies without doing anything useful.

Special Forces Han Sorim NEW!

Review pending.

Star Maiden Esterosa

Well, Esterosa rearm turned her into Veronica 2.0 basically. She gained immortality and also she deals way more damage, making her a good pick for any PVE/PVP content.

Blue Blood Elizabeth

Initially the Rearm was pretty underwhelming because Elizabeth was still blind as a bat, but after the recent change to HIT/EVA/CRIT in PVP, she's actually usable now and if she crits she deals up to 10k damage in PVP, basically one shotting most employees, including awakened ones. And don't forget about her ability to two-shot SSR ships. Overall, she's good now, but a bit RNG employee.

Abyssal Ravage Orca

Rearmed Orca is one of the best non-awakened employees in PVE, because she can keep herself alive really well, even in Dive 50 and she's also one of the best picks for Guild Raids. As for PVP, she was a terror that dominated the mode for a long time, but after her cost was increased, she's no longer as good as before.

Investigator Kang

Investigator Kang broke the PVP on her release, but after that she was nerfed heavily and she works similar to her normal version now.

Kestrel Xiao Lin and Nest Keeper Xiao Lin

Both of Xiao rearms are top tier. Nest Keeper turned her into a Tower that dominates PVP and even counters Awakened Na Yubin, who usually eats Towers on his breakfast. As for Kestrel, she's one of the best PVE employees now who has the highest DPS in the game.

When the Rearm system was first released in KR, there was an event added that rewarded you enough Xiao Unit Data and Rearm Data which allowed you to Rearm and fully max her Kestrel version. But we can't be sure if this event will be rerun when the system is added to the SEA server.

Upcoming Rearms

The next rearm is not yet known and the only hint is that a Mech will receive it.