Counter Side PVP advanced gearing guide

This guide is targeted toward SEA players more as we have more unique sets available and we can be picky with them.


Please be aware of two things before digging deep into the guide:

  • this guide is targeted toward SEA players rather than Global due to SEA being a year old which means players there managed to gather a lot of unique sets. Still Global players might check it out to not make any mistakes,
  • gearing in Counter Side isn't as simple as in other games and each employee can be build in multiple ways depending on how you want to use him. So there's no one best set for each employee and you might not agree with the tips inside this guide,
Introduction to gear

The below paragraphs are taken from the guide linked below. All credits to iridescent.

In Counter: Side, the majority of the player base are going to have the same units. Everyone has the option of hitting and guaranteeing a unit they desire by pity. Every unit can only go to level 110 and have their skills maxed to 5 (10 for rearm). The resources needed to level and skill up units are abundant in the game. This is where gear will make a huge difference and be explained in great detail. This guide will be more RTA-centric than DC, which would require another guide of its own. A lot of these gears made for RTA will cover harder PVE contents outside of DC and some will even spill into DC.


There is a lot to tune in the long scheme of things. I do not expect anyone to speedrun the entire thing; gear is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not feel obliged or overwhelmed over the information in the guide. Use this as a checklist towards endgame progression more than anything.

Advanced PVP gearing guide

Due to the guide being massive, very detailed and also to allow the author to easily edit it, it will be kept in the original form as a google doc.

Link to the guide: Advanced PVP Gearing Guide