Counter Side Dive 49 and Dive 50 guide

While Veronica immortality cheese teams are what most people on SEA use to clear both Dive 49 and 50, here's an alternative solution for those who don't have the pink-haired berserker.


Currently on SEA there exist only two kind of teams that cleared Dive 50. The first one, and definitely the more popular one, is the Veronica immortality cheese, and the second revolves around abusing Awakened Hilde's absurd survivability.

Before we discuss both of those teams, there are a few things you need to know about if you want to clear the current hardest content in the game: support system, artifacts and the resetting bug.

Support system

Supports are paramount to a successful dive, especially on 46-50 floors, where the difficulty increases massively compared to the earlier floors.

What are supports

Supports are employees that are assigned as squad leaders in their respective ships. Normally you assign squad leader position to your main carry to lower his cost, allowing you to redeploy him faster, but in Dives it's a bit more complicated.

Order of supports

There are two factors in determining the order of supports:

Dive order
  • the left column: the order you put your dive ships before starting the mission,
  • the right column: the order of the battlefield squads.

Basically, the left column allows you to overwrite the order of teams in the battle without fully rearranging your squads in the squad management menu.

But beware, the custom order in the left column will be wiped if you use the save scumming method, that's why it's better to just setup your team order in the second column.

Why does the order matter

The order you put your supports can make or break your runs especially if it's D46+. An example would be your tanks coming in first before your DPS because you save-scummed and the game defaulted to the battlefield squad order.

To avoid headaches, just rearrange your team in the squad management menu and place your Boss Killer in slot 5.

Here's a sample support order:

  • Squad 1: DPS/Tower
  • Squad 2: DPS/Tower
  • Squad 3: Tank
  • Squad 4: Tank
  • Squad 5: Boss Killer team

Credits for the info goes to Drancia from La Familia Gaming.


Artifacts are items in Dives that can be obtained that buff certain types of units on your teams, or debuff certain types of enemies.

When do I get artifacts?

You can only get a guaranteed artifact when you engage strong enemies - nodes with them are marked with a red exclamation point. The rest is up to chance or RNG. Safe zones, random events, and regular enemy nodes only has a certain chance to give an artifact.

What are the preferred artifacts for D46-50?

10% DP Recharge Rate - the best artifact for Dive, it can easily hard carry your run due to the DP it gives. Prioritize this over everything else.

Defensive buffs:

  • dmg taken reduction -10%
  • hp regen 2%

Offensive buffs:

  • unit types: Counter > All units > Soldier > Mech
  • buff types: ASPD > ATK% > CDMG% > CRIT%

Enemy debuffs:

  • unit types: Ground > Air
  • debuff types: -DEF% > -ASPD% > Others)%

The ones not mentioned are not worth taking. Simply prioritize the ones mentioned above and you're good to go.

Credits for the info goes to Drancia from La Familia Gaming.

Save-scumming bug

As of 07/12/2021, you can retry any Dive fights, preferably the boss fight, by quitting the game (Alt + F4, Task Manager, etc) and waiting for 10 minutes before being able to retry.


  • saves info,
  • saves your artifacts/buffs of the current dive,
  • no need to fight the prior nodes again.


  • 10 minutes of your life you're not getting back,
  • the order your supports will come in will be reset (see tips and tricks 1),
  • can be treated like bug abusing and lead to a ban - so do it at your own risk.

How do I know if I did it correctly?

If you enter the game after 10 minutes have passed, you'll be presented back at the lobby screen and you can choose to do other things or retry the dive.

If you enter too early, you'll be greeted with the scavenger loading screen and you'll be put right back up the time you quit the game. If this is the case, you will have to quit the game and wait 10 or more minutes.

If you enter too late (e.g. 12+ hours), You cannot retry the dive as the dive has expired.

Credits for the info goes to Drancia from La Familia Gaming.

Awakened Hilde team

The information in the section come from Jeanne and TripBitShooter from the game's discord. As far as I know, Jeanne was the first player in SEA who cleared Dive 50 using this team.

Huge thank you to TripBitShooter who also managed to clear D49 and D50 with A. Hilde and shared his tactics with me.


An alternative team comp for people without Veronica. It is harder to pilot and requires more investment than Veronica team, but it is a viable alternative that can clear D46-50.

Generic team comp

A. Hilde - Evelynn Keller - Yang Harim - Claudia Nelson

Nanahara Chinatsu - FLEX - DPS - DPS


Lake Superior or Gleipnir Armor


Any operator with Reduce AoE Damage side skill (Mandatory)


  • Use A. Hilde's absurd tankiness to soak up damage,
  • Supports will heal A. Hilde so she doesn't die,
  • Flex to fulfill either further healing support or more damage,
  • DPS to deal damage and kill things.

Here's the exact team TripBitShooter used in D49 and D50:

TripBitShooter team

And here's Jeanne's team:

Jeanne team

Detailed info from TripBitShooter

Overall the team is really gear dependent and without great rolled sets you will have a hard time. Here's his gear:

  • A. Hilde - MaGorGor with Melee DMG Res subs, all perfect rolled (basically HuMaGorGor is what you want, but he was missing the weapon),
  • Evelyn - 72% CDR (you want her to hold your best CDR gear),
  • Yang Harim and Chinatsu - 55% CDR (for D49, 70% on Yang for D50),
  • Claudia - 48% CDR,
  • Arius - 36% CDR,
  • Kim Sobin - broken EE set
  • ASY - ASPD Maze (she wasn't in the main team, but was the first support)

Strategy for Dive 49


Ingrid > A.Seo Yoon > Ifrit > Lyudmila

With enough CDR, the 2% hp regeneration artifact is not necessary for a clear. However, it is still a very nice artifact to have because it can really stabilise your run.

During the fight itself, A.Hilde as far forward as possible the moment the match starts. This is because the Black Tail (the black helicopter) will fly too far forward and shoot your backline if you do not forward deploy A.Hilde instantly. Everyone else (team supports, dps units, etc) get dropped behind A.Hilde to heal her or deal damage.

For the first ult, I recommend using Ingrid, who is your first support, to bait Rojo into ulting backwards. This saves your backline and all your healers. You can do this without Ingrid ult baiting, but then it is completely down to RNG; without Ingrid, Rojo will sometimes ult directly into the backline and proceed to kill all your healers, or he will sometimes still remain locked onto A.Hilde, so your backline remains safe. The primary reason why I recommend using Ingrid as the first support, and not as an actual member of your boss squad, is to save deployment cost. It is really crucial to get all your healers out asap, especially if your CDR sets are not very good.

For Rojo's second ult, he should already be below 2/3hp with enough dps. This will allow you to just redeploy A.Hilde behind Rojo to, once again, bait the ult in the wrong direction. If he is not below 2/3hp by the time he has his second ult, get ready to redeploy the healers and backliners who die. After the second ult, the run should be sufficiently stabilised for you to relax a little.

TL;DR Deploy A.Hilde first, then the healers in the order the team is setup. If you get lucky with Overflow ult, keep deploying till you have your whole team in the field. If someone dies, redeploy him instantly. If you survive the first 30-45 seconds, everything from that moment is about gear check.

Strategy for Dive 50

The 2% hp regen artifact is absolutely mandatory if your CDR sets not great. A completely stable run without the artifact may need up to four 72% CDR sets and multiple damage reduction artifacts..


A.Seo Yoon > Any dps or support unit which is not a mech, since E1 eats mechs

A.Hilde should be deployed midway between the ship and the maximum forward deploy point. This is because if you deploy her all the way at the front the moment the game starts, a glitched interaction with the Rojo spawning in at the same time will send her flying across the map, bricking your run.

You can use Ingrid as the first support to bait E1's ult in the wrong direction, just like Dive 49's Rojo, but I do not recommend it. E1's ult has such a huge AOE that even when firing in the wrong direction, it will still hit your backline. The safer thing to do is to time Arius' first special to shield the entire backline just before the ult hits, which should save everyone.

After the first ult, the run should stabilise nicely, so just wait and stack up your deployment cost. This is because subsequent ults may completely kill the backline, and you will need your deployment cost to quickly redeploy the healers before A.Hilde dies. In fact, this happens in my Dive 50 clear video, which is linked below, at the 2:33 mark. I had to very quickly redeploy my important healers before the run got bricked.

Dive 48-50 clear videos

TripBitShooter provided us with his clear videos for the 48, 49 and 50 Dive stages! Hope this helps you in clearing the dives and unlocking E1 and Matador.

Veronica cheese

I will keep things short for the Veronica cheese version as there's already tons of other guides that explain how to do it - I've linked some in the next section.

Team Comp

Lyudmilla - Karin Wong/Xiao Lin - Veronica - Ingrid (4 slots only)


New Ohio (best) / Enterprise / Kamiizumi


Any operator with: +CDMG% (Best) / +ASPD / Anything


  • Use Veronica to tank tons of damage thanks to her immortality and redeploy before immortality buff goes away. Repeat ad nauseam.
  • Snipers with long range to deal damage from afar, and only snipers can outrange the enemy attacks.
  • Ingrid to divert/reverse the enemies' strongest attacks away from the front.
  • Use ship skills to give yourself some breathing room. New Ohio is best for this as it can delay bosses' skills
Other Dive 50 guides (with Veronica)

Credits to CymenSniped and GuitarRock First (watch on YouTube, to give the guys the views; they deserve it).

Another worth checking guide in written form if you hate videos was posted on reddit recently. Credits to Zunthus.