Danger Close - Regenerated Bishop

Tips and tricks that will help you kill Regenerated Bishop Danger Close boss.

Regenerated Bishop

Regenerated Bishop


An officer of the Replacer Syndicate. She's a regenerated Replacer created as the Arbiter of System Terraside. According to the intel from the Administration, she's an evolved being that combines the old Replacer Bishop with the Qliphoth Replica Factor.\nShe seems to be affected by her source's memories, but she hasn't let it interfere with her performance as an officer of her organization, the hostile Replacer Syndicate.

※ The Regenerated Bishop temporarily creates an Immortal clone during her Ultimate skill.

Regenerated Bishop Normal80532 208827112317968001569
Regenerated Bishop Hard100840 77812 9651778100711522262
Regenerated Bishop Nightmare1301 381 74522 5732131133618341441
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