Counter Side Beginner Gearing Guide

This guide explains how gear works in Counter Side and what are the optimal ways of obtaining and tuning it.


This guide has been created by iridescent#5405 and if you have any questions, contact him via discord.

When you start out in Counter: Side, you will have many gears that you have no idea what to do. This guide is designed to help you guide through your early game progression with gear.

How important is gear early on?

Gear is not important early on for multiple reasons; in the initial stages of the game, what carries you through story and lower end content is through your unit levels, skill-ups, and ship level (this is something that a lot of people miss out on, ship levels give a huge amount of stats). The gear you acquire early on are not significant enough to invest in, hence one should not bother much with gear fresh off the boat.

How do I acquire gear as a beginner?

As a beginner, it is imperative for you to farm challenge and gauntlet currency to unlock end game maze and gordias gears that will be your go to gears in the foreseeable future. However, you will be acquiring these pieces at a slow and steady pace as these gears are time-gated. This is why the consensus is to farm gutter rat extermination early on to acquire placeholder gears and gear enhancement fodders.

What do I look for in a gear starting out?

Starting out, you look more for set options rather than substats. The reason being is that the gear you initially acquire are not worth binaries that are extremely hard to come by; binaries are essentially whale currency (DO NOT WASTE THEM ON BAD GEAR). This is why it is highly advised to exclusively spend binaries on T6 maze, gordias, and humming/inhibitor hands (they both come out later).

These gears far outclass dante and ≤T6 SC/Polymer gears. Speaking of raid gears, you can craft them but do not invest in them as maze and gordias are still your number one priorities. If you acquire T7 Britra, hold onto them and do not invest. Latents are super endgame investments that are not sustainable for a starting account.

What gear sets and sub-stats are good overall?

When you craft raid gear and dante gear from raids and gutter rat respectively, you will generally be looking for the following sets: ASPD, CDR, HP. Unironically, these sets are also prioritized on maze/gordias.

ASPD sets

ASPD sets are universal sets that your damage dealers that don’t rely heavily on skills use. ASPD will eventually compete with shadow hall gear being introduced but ASPD is still strong. Anti-class damage, mainly anti-defender/anti-striker substats are desired on ASPD sets.

CDR sets

CDR sets are sets that your units want in order to cast their skills faster, which is strong because many units have many powerful skills. A full 4-piece CDR set already provides 30% skill haste. You can have even more skill haste from substats, which is generally the recommended substat for CDR.

HP sets

HP sets are sets that your frontline will be using. Tank gear is extremely important for any game mode in Counter: Side; you can have a lot of damage and all the skill haste in the world but if your frontline cannot hold up, your backline cannot do their job properly. Your backline is more dependent on your frontline than your frontline being reliant on your backline. The substat you look for in HP sets is anti-ground damage resistance.

When do gear and substats start mattering more?

After you start entering mid-game, by that time you will have plenty of maze/gordias running around. Gear starts mattering a lot more in the mid-game transition and beyond; and this is also where substats start mattering more. For example, a four-piece CDR set will provide 30% skill haste but substats on a full maze set can hit 42% skill haste from substats alone. The same goes to ground-damage resistance found in gordias; anti-ground damage res gives far more effective stats than HP can.

What gear sets/substats should I be aiming for going into mid-game?

You will be prioritizing buying maze counter armor > weapon > accessory > gordias crown > gordias movement from the gauntlet shop as well with your maze pieces here and there from Challenge and Danger Close.

Everyone will be using the following gear regardless of whether they focus on PVE or PVP:

For Counter Units:

HPHP Tank Sets [Humming/T7 Inhibitor weapon/Maze armor/Gordias crowns (preferably) or movements (less preferably)] with forms of resistance substats on the weapon and armor and anti-ground damage resistance on the accessories. You need 2 full tank sets.

CDR Sets [Full Maze] with full skill haste substats. Maze CDR takes priority over other forms of CDR because most of your skill haste users solely care about the skill haste above all else but the majority of units that want CDR happen to deal damage. You ideally want 3 sets minimum.

These sets will always be used as the game is designed around counter units being strong; there is more in-depth elaboration/explanations on the more advanced gear guides.

Gearing guide in video format

If you prefer watching videos over reading, do check the great guide created by Jenazad (it also contains a few tips for newbie players):