Website updates - Week 3

Published Sunday, 19 December 2021

This week's update focused on revamping the tier list and creating a guide about awakened employees. Also, Prydwen Institute has been added to PreMiD tool for Discord.

Last week I've added two new ratings to the website - Dive 45-50 and Relic Dungeons - and only after a few days, I've realized it broke the formula I use to generate Overall and overall PVE ratings. Because of this, a lot of SS tier units appeared suddenly on the tier list.

Still, while fixing the formula was easy, it got me thinking.

I've realized that a lot of the partial ratings weren't updated in a long time and the meta in various modes changed drastically. So with the help of a few discord members, I went over the whole tier list and retiered most of the units. Huge thanks to Yonagi, Bonk, Brah, Ark, Ging, Legion, Boop, Roland, Master433 and others who joined us from time to time (if I missed someone, bonk me and I will add you).

During the nearly 10 hour session, we came to the conclusion that the SS rank isn't working as intended, because a lot of units needed to be given the rank if we used the old definition. That's why the SS rank has been split into two - SS and SSS.

Nothing really changes from the ranking perspective, because previously employees with an average rating between 10 and 11 (I still use number rating in the back-end on the website and 'translate' it to letter system) were given SS rank, but now after the split, units with 10 to 10.5 rating are given SS rank and those with 10.6 to 11, are given SSS rank.

I've also updated the definitions for each rank to reflect the change.

  • S - Exceptional employee. Mandatory to be used if you want to stay competitive in PVP and don't have any issues in PVE content.

  • SS - Overpowered employee. Straight up dominates in PVP and shines in PVE.

  • SSS - A god. The employee defines the PVP meta and trivializes the PVE mode where he received that rating.

Another thing that changed is the removal of the Overall rating. Previously it combined both Overall PVE and Overall PVP ratings, trying to show how good every employee is across the game, but there are a lot of employees that are only good in either PVP and PVE and the Overall rating only hurt them.

This is why every employee is only given now Overall PVE and Overall PVP rating and the whole website has been updated to only show those two.

Also, the default rank on the tier list displays now the Overall PVE rating, so please change it to PVP or any other partial rating while browsing the tier list (you can do it via a dropdown on the right side of the page).

Okay, enough about the ratings. Please comment what you think about the change or ping me on discord (Antillar #7066).

The other big addition to the site is the Awakened Employee guide that reviews each of the awakened employees available in the game. I've used a different rating formula there and each employee received scores in three areas:

  • Early PVE - how good the employee is for a new player that has to progress through the story, climb the early floors in Shadow Palace and clear event stages,

  • Endgame PVE - how good the employee is at endgame content, like Dive 50, Floor 5 of Shadow Palace, Danger Close and the recently released Relic Dungeons,

  • PVP - how good the employee is in the Gauntlet in the current KR meta (why KR and not SEA? Because a lot of players think long term and pulling for an employee that won't be good in the long run is bad).

Here's the link to the guide: Awakened employees guide.

Please do check the reviews, because some units look drastically different in the KR region. For example, Awakened Seo Yoon who is currently the only SSS/SSS tier character in SEA has fallen quite a bit in the ratings there and is now middle of the pack in both PVP and PVE. Why the drastic change? Replacer King basically made her irrelevant in PVP and there are some rumors about Replacers coming soon to SEA.

The third big addition is PreMid plugin that allows you to display what you're currently browsing in the 'currently playing status' on Discord. Thanks to Kyrie's hard work, Prydwen Institute has been added there and the plugin now supports the website! Huge thanks to him!

Here is how it looks like:

Neat, right?

You can download Premid from here, and here's a link to adding my website there once you have it set up (you need to download the plugin and also install another in your browser to make it work, there's a guide on how to do it on their page.

That's all for this week and for the next update, I plan to focus only on bringing back the recommended gear to the website!