Website updates - Week 1

Published Thursday, 02 December 2021

It's been already a week since Prydwen Institute has been launched and in that time we've introduced several improvements and new stuff to the website.

It's been a helluva week. That's the best way to summarize everything that happened since the website's launch. Both the positive feedback and the site's popularity exceeded my expectations. After merely two days of the site being online, we had to switch our initial cloud service or risk the site dying in the middle of the day from all the traffic it generated. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

First, I want to thank you all again for the great feedback and support! My to-do list is like 30 positions long right now and it will take me some time to implement all the stuff that you want to see.

Okay, now let's go back to listing the things that already did change or were added.

Cloud service change

As I mentioned earlier, the traffic on the website got so big, we were forced to move to AWS because they would be able to provide us with a way better service and prices. Still, even after we moved there, it took roughly 32h to surpass the free account limits for the month of November.

We're two days into December, but the same thing happened and well, every day it will cost quite a lot to keep it alive.

Below you can see the projection for this month:

All the red bars and the 1550% forecasts look pretty intimidating.

Overall, the current projected bill for December is around 300-350$ but only if the traffic will stay at the current level. And with the JPN server being released in nearly 2 weeks, I kinda doubt it will.

Which brings us to the next point.


Those without Adblock may have already noticed the ads on the website. While I wanted to be idealistic and never add ads, the reality hit me like a brick. Even with your support on Ko-Fi (big thank you again for those who bought me a coffee), I won't be able to pay that much each month to keep the site alive.

And the only alternative was ads, sadly.

Still, there won't be any popup ads or other weird and annoying stuff - like videos. The mid-content ads should be a great middle-ground and hopefully, you can just scroll past them without getting annoyed.

Also, I'm still tweaking the settings and trying to make the current ads smaller. Hopefully, this will take me a few days at most (and I won't crash the site again, as I did twice already in the last few days).

I'm sorry, but between closing the site down in two weeks or adding ads, this felt like the lesser evil.

Upcoming Employees page

The Upcoming Employees page has been added. A lot of you missed the Future units tab and now it's back - you can find it on the homepage or use this link.

Currently, the skills are missing from the page, but it will take some time and effort to add them there in a minified form, so the page won't get even longer.

Stats page

The Stats page has been added. Now you can easily compare the stats of every employee in the game to quickly check who has the most HP etc. You can find it in the top menu or use this link.

Other new stuff and fixes added to the website

  • an infobox was added to the Employee pages that explains why recommended gear was removed. This is sitting at the top of my list to bring back to the website because a lot of you want it back. So before I even start working on the Guild Builder, I will add the info from the column in my sheet. This should happen in the next couple of days,

  • the wording in the infobox on the Tier list page was changed to better explain what Overall, PVE, and PVP ratings even,

  • SEA PVP ban history page has been revamped design-wise to better display the ban levels and make the FAQ section smaller,

  • stats for each Danger Close boss were added to the Danger Close guide,

  • added 6 more seasons to the Danger Close Seasons guide and now you can check the buff/debuffs for up to season 19,

  • the overall rating formula was slightly tweaked and the ratings for Danger Close has been overhauled (thanks to the people in the discord for the help with that),

  • the latest blog posts section was added to the homepage,

  • Disqus was added to the blog and now you can leave comments and reactions under each blog post,

  • added RSS to the blog,

  • the Gamemodes Overview Guide has been added,

  • added back to the button across the site.

That's everything for this week. I will try to do posts like that once a week at least, to show what was added to the website.

Thank you again for your support and hope you will have a good day!