Website update - Global server support

Published Saturday, 09 April 2022

The Global server is around the corner and this update focuses on adding support to it.


At first, I planned to create separate ratings for all categories, but someone pointed out that's pretty pointless to do because PVE will be the same in all regions. Only the PVP meta will form on its own on Global, just like it happened on other recently released regions.

That's why only the PVP rating will be added for the employees released on Global, and all the PVE ones will be common to all regions.

Here's what's new

  • added Global option to the region dropdown on the Employees, Operators, Ships, Skins, and Stats pages,

  • added a dropdown to the Tier list page that now allows the user to switch between displaying the Global and SEA tier lists,

  • added a changelog to the Tier list - now it should be easier to track the changes we make to the ratings,

  • added popovers to Operators and Ships pages. I know a lot of you requested this feature, and it's finally here,

  • design of the employee popover has been tweaked to provide support for multiple servers. For example, if an employee is released on Global, two PVP ratings will be displayed - for SEA and Global,

There's a small bug with the Global tier list - when you select the PVP category, the employees are sorted according to their SEA PVP rating instead. This is a bit tricky to fix, and it will take me a few days to rewrite parts of the Tier list page.

Also, only three employees (the Fenrir Squad), one operator, and a bunch of ships currently have the Global tag. I'm waiting for the Closed Beta test to find out who exactly will be available on the Global server on release. Only then I will update the tags and rate them, trying to predict the initial meta.

Here's what changed

  • PVP Strategy and PVP Ranked ratings have been consolidated into one PVP Rating. Overall, only a handful of employees had different ratings in those two categories, so it was pointless to keep both. The information about Strategy performance will be moved to the Analysis tab as a part of the review for those employees who perform worse/better there,

  • the design of the Detailed Rating section on the employee page has been tweaked, and now it shows PVP ratings for both Global and SEA (but only if the employee is already released on Global),

  • Mika Star, Lee Jisoo, and Orochi's skillsets were updated according to the recently revealed buffs,

And lastly, here's what's coming next

  • revamp of the Beginner Guide,

  • revamp of the Reroll Guide,

  • update for the Awakened Employees guide - some info is now a bit outdated there,

  • update for the Upcoming Employees page - it will be split into Global and SEA, so players from both regions can track who could potentially come next to their server,

The Beginner and Reroll guides will be updated after the Closed Beta and for sure they will be ready at least a week before the official release, so those of you who plan to play on Global will have time to go over all the info.