KR Region

Upcoming employee - Ella!

Published Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Today's event that introduced the Iron Rider Curian gave us a sneak peek of an upcoming employee that will be released next week in the KR region.

How do we know Ella is coming next? The July roadmap revealed two mystery characters and while one of them was Curian, the first Awakened Soldier, the other one's clothes match the ones worn by Ella who appeared in the story released today as a playable NPC.


Here's Ella's full model:

What we know

Please be aware that the information below is based on her NPC version and those are usually a bit different from the playable ones.

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Striker

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Ella is a Striker that is dual-wielding hand crossbows. Yeah. Her range is pretty low, but she's a Striker, not a Sniper, so it would be weird if she stayed in the back.

Her Passive seems to allow her to counter when attacked by a skill, similar to Joo Shiyoon.

Her Special fires a ball of energy that explodes on impact and jumps between enemies.

Her Ultimate unleashes a hail of energy bullets before releasing a massive explosion.


님얼굴비매너 recorded some gameplay with Ella and here's the link to his youtube video.