KR Region

Three new skins added to the game

Published Monday, 13 December 2021

The skins that were hinted at in the latest dev note are finally here! Chifuyu, Fione, and Arius are the lucky owners of the new skins.

Three new skins will be released in the KR region tomorrow as Permanent skins.

Spring Daffodil

Nanahara Chifuyu - 1600 AC

You look like a water goddess, the way you're holding the umbrella over your head. That flower may appear dainty, even fragile, but it knows how to dance. You'd better watch out. Especially, when it's not sunny or rainy like this.

"Don't worry. The Nanahara-style swordsmanship is not restricted by what you wear."

Secret Vacation

Fione Lowell - 1080 Quartz

The deputy captain is strict to everyone, even to herself. I swear you won't get many chances to see her look so relaxed. So promise me that you'll keep this little getaway secret between you two.

"We're not here to play, Dame Arius. We're here just to be polite."

Special Vacation

Arius Esquede - 1080 Quartz

To dainty girls like me, the night wind is too cold, and the spring water is too hot, but they can't stop me from blushing with excitement. I promise you. I'll never forget this vacation I spent with you here today.

"But... the night sky and the flowers look so pretty. I'd love to talk to others."

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