The Skins page has been updated!

Published Wednesday, 22 June 2022

After quite a long time, the Skins page has been updated with missing skins, and also the quality of them has been improved!

A few months we were forced to remove around 20 skins due to them allegedly breaking ToS of Google Adsense, but today they have been restored to the website! What's more, all the skins that were released since - the 2nd Anniversary, Horizon Finance Bunny, MMM Collab, What If? - have been added to the Skins page!

Furthermore we:

  • replaced all the previous images of the skins with high-quality PNGs,

  • reorganized the events so now it's easier to filter the skins,

  • fixed the rarity of skins - now it matches with what's in-game.

Happy browsing!