Shadow Palace guide rework

Published Sunday, 10 July 2022

Later this month, Shadow Palace mode will arrive at the Global server and to make it easier for the Global players to progress through it, we reworked the current guide.

Well, as you can see, the new Shadow Palace guide has expanded quite a bit compared to the old one.

Previously the guide was just one huge doc and other information (like rewards or gear) was split between three different sheets. Now you can easily access everything directly on our website.

You can find the new guides on the Guides page - just scroll down a bit there.

Here's a list of the guides:

  • Mode overview - just a short introduction to Shadow Palace and a hub that leads you to the other guides,

  • Rewards - here you will find information about the differences in rewards between the floors and what's the best spot to farm,

  • Shop guide - Shadow Palace comes with a new shop and this guide will help you in being optimal with buying what's available there,

  • Spectral Gear - here you will find everything you need to know about the new type of gear that will be added together with Shadow Palace,

  • Tips for all floors - just like the title says, here you will find some generic tips about the mode and also a list of best characters to use there,

  • Floor 1, Floor 2, and Floor 3 guides - guides for each floor that go over the enemies you will fight there and what teams you can use.

Floor 4 and Floor 5 guides will be added soon, but as a Global player you don't need to worry about those floors yet - only the first three ones will be available on release of that mode.