SEA Region

Replacers are here!

Published Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Looks like the Replacers are coming to the SEA region and they will change the meta in PVP for sure!

29/12 New Content in SEA

  1. [Event] New Year's Circuit Link Unlocked!

  2. [Operation] New Challenges—The ALT Squad Is Here & Chloe’s Credit Search!

  3. [Operation] New Event Episode: King's Memories!

  4. [Attendance] Happy Lucky New Year Punch In! (2021-12-29~2022-01-12 04:00)

  5. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Replacer King!

  6. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Replacer Knight Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Yen Xing Lancaster, Edith Twins, Naielle Bluesteel Probability UP!

  8. [Shop] Added 2022 Thank-you Package (Please log in for 7 days to receive all the Employment Contracts in the package via mail after purchase) & Set/Tuning Binary Special Package.

  9. [Shop] Added 8 Emotes to Exchange Center

  10. [Gauntlet] 2022 Pre-season Starts from Jan. 3!

  11. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

Replacer King Battle Pass

The King is here! He's the only Awakened employee that was available in a Battle Pass in the KR region and we in SEA are getting him too.

Should you buy the Battle Pass? Yes - he is one of the best BP employees released ever.

While Replacer King has one of the best designs in the game, he sucked for a very long time and was considered a meme character. But after his buff and the release of MK2 ship he became meta because his passive now allows him to punch the backline to death and especially the pesky snipers die instantly to him. Still, even without the ship, he is borderline broken.

It's worth noting that while his passive states that he doesn't get the buff from Mechs dying, it's false. While a Replacer unit isn't spawned from a Mech, the passive is still applied to him and because of that, you can even use Kyle's walls to proc the passive, which becomes super useful in both PVE and PVP.

Check the full review and the ratings on his profile: Replacer King

Be aware that Replacer King is currently bugged in SEA and his passive doesn't work - he doesn't summon Replacers from fallen allies. This massively impacts his performance in PVP, because he lacks bodies to keep himself alive and makes him sub-par.

Till they fix the bug it's better not to use Replacer King in PVP.

Replacer Knight banner

Replacer Knight is a unique defender who is also a paratrooper. Still, because she has the stats of a defender, she has a hard time killing the backline that's why KR players use Anti-sniper gear on her. Her other problem is her high cost.

Overall her kit is overloaded and she can do many things, but somehow she tries to do too much. As a backline killer, she has not enough damage to actually kill anything and as a frontline, she is too squishy.

Should you pull on her? No, she's a skip both for PVE and PVP lovers.

Check the full review and the ratings on her profile: Replacer Knight

Rerun banners

Yen Xing Lanchester and Naielle Bluesteel are great picks if you love PVP and you've missed their previous banners. Edith Twins is honestly a skip - while she was locked behind Battle Pass, she's only a lobby unit.

New Year Events

If we will get the same Calendar and Bingo as the KR region did two days ago, here's how they will look like: