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Replacer Syndicate is coming!

Published Saturday, 10 September 2022

Today's released trailer hints at the upcoming battle pass and awakened character.

Please be aware that the blog post is a speculation based on the video and nothing of it may come true, but it's better to be prepared in case our guess is correct.

Today, in the early morning hours, the official YouTube channel for Counter Side Global posted this video:

You can find the video under this link.

And, well, the video appearing now of all times has significant implications.

First of all, Edith Twins' Battle Pass is ending in four days and we can assume that Replacer King, the first and only Awakened character to be released in Battle Pass, will arrive at Global and become the main reward in September's Battle Pass.

To be frank, he is one of the few meta-warping characters that even today, dominate the Gauntlet in all Regions where he was released. We already warned people that planned to pull for Awakened Seo Yoon that Replacer King - one of her counters in PVP - might come soon to Global, and it seems that he's already here, only a week after her release.

Since he is locked behind the Battle Pass, if you're a F2P player, you will have to wait for him to get his own banner, which should take 1-2 months after the Battle Pass ends. At least that's what happened in other regions.

Furthermore, if Replacer King will come to Global now, then Replacer Queen, the second Awakened character in the Replacers' faction should follow him soon after.

There are two more members of the Replacers - Knight and Bishop - but thankfully, those are SSR rarity characters who are pretty underwhelming in PVE and niche in PVP. So at least your Blue Tickets will be spared.

Well, let's go deeper into the reviews for the upcoming awakened characters.

Replacer King


Replacer King is the first and only awakened character that was available in the Battle Pass. While Replacer King has one of the best designs in the game, he sucked for a very long time and was considered a meme character. But after his buff and the release of MK2 ship he became meta because his passive now allows him to punch the backline to death and especially the pesky snipers die instantly to him.

It's worth noting that while his passive states that he doesn't get the buff from Mechs dying, it's false. While a Replacer unit isn't spawned from a Mech, the passive is still applied to him and because of that, you can even use Kyle's walls to proc the passive, which becomes super useful in both PVE and PVP.

While in theory, his ability to summon Replacers from dead allies bodies doesn't sound that useful in PVE because you want the opposite there - to keep everyone alive so they can deal damage - he actually is quite decent in PVE. Still, you have to remember he is more of a damage dealer than a tank. Also, he's commonly used in Shadow Palace and auto teams in Danger Close so if you're lazy and just want to get a good score, he's a great pick. Sadly his not that useful in endgame PVE modes, both in Dive 50 and Relic Dungeons. While you can use him there, there are simply better choices.

By many, he is considered the new King of PVP that dethroned Na Yubin. His basic attack damage isn't reduced anymore when he is under the effect of his passive, so he can easily kill snipers even if he stays at his own ship. Still, he is hard-countered by buff removers, especially the operator Serina.

He doesn't need the MK2 to shine, because you can use low-cost soldiers that spawn multiple units at once (like Assault Troopers) to proc his passive. Still paired with the ship, he becomes a nightmare to deal with.


  • PVE - A

  • PVP (SEA) - SSS

  • PVP (Global) - SSS

Impact on the PVP meta

Replacer King will become a menace in the Global server, not only because he is overpowered, but because one of his main counters, Serina Operator, isn't available in Global yet. We honestly expect him to reach Ban Level 4 pretty fast after his release - despite him being locked behind Battle Pass.

Also, Awakened Seo Yoon will instantly drop from SSS to SS with his release as he directly counters her.

Replacer Queen

If our predictions are correct, her banner will appear on the 29th of September.

Replacer Queen is the best sniper employee in the game who can decimate the enemy team by herself. Her kit looks as if Rosaria and Gaeun had a love child. Not only she gets stronger whenever someone dies, but her CC is super annoying and she can constantly stun enemies thanks to the Skill Haste she gets from the passive.

Because her cost is lower than most awakened units, it's easier to fit her in your teams while progressing through the game. Still, unlike A.Yuna or A.Seo Yoon, she's not a solo carry type of character - you need to build a proper team to keep her alive and let her do her thing. But if you do that, oh boy, she will reward you with being the ultimate carry.

Endgame PVE is where she shines. Most players already have fully geared teams and slotting a 72% CDR or Spectral Blaze/Spirit Replacer Queen into one will turn her into a killing machine. She's one of the best Snipers to bring into Dive 50 and also she's a must-have in the Titan stage in Relic Dungeon. Also if you care about Danger Close, she's BIS against Tyrant Sword and also can be used against other bosses with great results.

As for PVP, in the past, she was a meta pick, but after Replacer King was buffed and Evolved One was released, she's not usable at all. Replacer King easily kills her as she's super squishy and Evolved One easily reaches her with her ult, killing her instantly.


  • PVE - SS

  • PVP (SEA) - A

  • PVP (Global) - S

Impact on the PVP meta

While she will be a bit better than she is in the other regions, Replacer King is one of her biggest counters, so it will be hard to play her unless he will be banned.

Reviews for Replacer Knight and Replacer Bishop will be posted closer to their banner's release, but you can check their profiles to learn more about them.