SEA Region

Replacer Queen joins the battle!

Published Tuesday, 04 January 2022

The third Replacer will soon be available in the SEA region and at the same time, we're getting the last ship that we were still missing - MK.2!

05/01 New Content in SEA

  1. [Ship] New Ship Blue Bridge Mk.2 Released!

  2. [Operation] New Challenge Act 4 Unlocked!

  3. [Operation] New Challenge—Chloe's Gear Material Search Unlocked!

  4. [Event] Replacer Queen Contract Mission Starts!

  5. [Attendance] Replacer Season Punch In! (2022-01-05~2022-02-02 4:00)

  6. Recruit] New Operator Recruitment—Replacer King Probability UP!

  7.  [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Replacer Queen Probability UP!

  8. [Shop] Added Ship Launch Special Package.

  9. [Shop] Added Replacer Update Celebration Classified Recruitment Package Vol.1, 2 &3

  10. Adjusted rewards in Counter Testimonial [SR], Counter Testimonial [SSR] and Task Planet Testimonial [SSR].

  11. Adjusted Awakened Hilde and Awakened Yoo Mina

Replacer Queen Awakened Banner

The Queen joins the King! Replacer Queen is the best sniper employee in the game who can decimate the enemy team by herself. Her kit looks as if Rosaria and Gaeun had a love child. Not only she gets stronger whenever someone dies, but her CC is super annoying and she can constantly stun enemies thanks to the Skill Haste she gets from the passive.

Because her cost is lower than most awakened units, it's easier to fit her in your teams while progressing through the game. Still, unlike A.Yuna or A.Seo Yoon, she's not a solo carry type of character - you need to build a proper team to keep her alive and let her do her thing. But if you do that, oh boy, she will reward you with being the ultimate carry.

Endgame PVE is where she shines. Most players already have fully geared teams and slotting a 72% CDR Replacer Queen into one will turn her into a killing machine. She's one of the best Snipers to bring into Dive 50 and also she's a must-have in the Titan stage in Relic Dungeon. Also if you care about Danger Close, she's BIS against Tyrant Sword and also can be used against other bosses with great results.

As for PVP, in the past, she was a meta pick, but after Replacer King was buffed and Evolved One was released, she's not usable at all. Replacer King easily kills her as she's super squishy and Evolved One easily reaches her with her ult, killing her instantly.

Is she worth pulling? Totally for PVE, but for PVP, it depends on you. While Replacer King counters her, he will get banned often and this could allow Queen to be a meta pick during some weeks.

Here's her full profile where you can check the ratings across all modes.

Blue Bridge Mk.2

MK. 2 is the last ship that's SEA region is missing compared to the KR region.

MK2 is a top-tier ship for any team composition besides Mechs. Replacer King who was considered the weakest Awakened alongside Jisoo works great with this ship and becomes a broken unit (and he's still great even when used with other ships). It's like the ship and Replacer King were made for each other - pair them together and see him destroy anything in Ranked Arena.

In PVE, MK2 is very good in the new Danger Close boss - Replacer Knight. It's also commonly used against other Danger Close bosses together with Replacer King to auto most of them.

Should you build it? Yes, so prepare your High-elasticy Armor, because that's what you will need.

Replacer King Operator

Sadly, Replacer King operator with his purple suit is one of the worst SSR operators in the game, so I would advise skipping him.

Here's his profile, so you can check his review and ratings.

Awakened Hilde and Yoo Mina buffs

Those were discussed in one of the recent blog posts (check here), but I'm happy that we're finally getting buff changes in the patch notes. Good work Zlongame, that's for sure a step in the right direction.

Still, in addition to skill changes, there were quite a lot of fixes and even some stat buffs (Mina gained 16% HP for example), so check the blog post linked above for the full details about their buffs.

Their reviews and ratings have been already adjusted to take the buffs into account, so go read them here: Awakened Hilde review and Awakened Mina review.

Challenge Mode Act 4

This is actually a surprise, especially considering that Ministra makes clearing this act a cakewalk. Still, from what I know Veronica cheese also works here but requires more manual gameplay. So good luck!