Relics Dungeons guide and changes to the tier list

Published Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Relic Dungeons were just added to the KR region and they look fun as hell! Because of that, I've prepared a guide to the new mode and also adjusted the tier list to include two new categories.

Relic Dungeons is the mode where you will spend most of your Eternium because currently, it's the only place in the game where you can farm T7 Gear and T7 Materials that are used both in crafting new T7 gear and upgrading your current T6 gear to T7.

Alongside Dive 50, Relic Dungeons are the hardest content in the game and each of the three Dungeons has a set of restrictions that force you to use a certain composition to clear it.

That's why I've been analyzing the teams that our fellow KR players used to clear the new content and I've prepared a guide that not only explains how the new endgame farming will look like, but also what teams and employees shine there.

Here's the link to the guide: Relic Dungeons

Also, for some time I've been planning to add the Dive 45-50 rating to the site. It's the current endgame mode that we have in SEA and it was missing from the site.

But not anymore.

From today you will be able to check Dive 45-50 ratings for all employees but wait, there's more! Relic Dungeons ratings were also added to the site, and this means the whole overall/pve/pvp formula had to be adjusted again. The old ratings might still be cached on your browser, so please refresh the page a few times on the tier list page just to be sure.

Also, for Relic Dungeons I suggest checking the guide first because most of the employees that shine there aren't available in SEA yet.

That's all for today!