PVP Tier List overhaul - Global region

Published Saturday, 18 June 2022

As we promised, here's the overhaul for the PVP Ratings in the Global server!

To keep things short, the PVP Ratings for Global have been updated so they match the new description for the ratings:

  • SSS - A god. Used even when banned,

  • SS - Overpowered employee. Almost always strong when unbanned but it's possible to counter-pick him.

  • S - Exceptional employee. Often a must-have pick in certain meta teams,

  • A - Generally a strong pick or a key unit for non-meta teams,

  • B - Useable pick but more often purely situational to counter another unit in a given week. Also, good pick when upped,

  • C - Decent on up but must have a suitable meta team as well to be considered,

  • D - Honestly, don't bother.

Thank you Pie for helping with the Global ratings too!

A lot of reviews for units were also updated to reflect the changes in their PVP ranks. And would like to thank Bonk for rewriting a lot of reviews of units that are only available in the KR region and adjusting their ratings both for PVP and PVE. Meanwhile, Yellow Elephante and Trip worked on updating the reviews for SEA employees - huge thanks to them too.