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PVP Team of the Week - 32

Published Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Do you want to climb in the Ranked Arena, but all your favorite employees got banned? Look no further and check the PVP Team of the Week!

Hey everyone! Here is this week’s PVP team of the week. It is a Veronica Matador deck with some iterations to fit the current week.

WARNING! This team requires gear investment in 1 unit to do well - Veronica because she's the carry of the team.

  • Rush! Drop Veronica at the start followed by some other dps if fighting counter teams, use matador to pull forward weak backliners,

  • If fighting e1, camp with sigma and put frontliners to distract e1 and accompanying support.

The Units & Gears
  • Veronica (leader) – any gear that works on admin rifleman (aspd, atk, blaze, bullet, broken maze),

  • Ifrit – core dps, shadow hall anti-defender sets,

  • Janus – core air dps, shadow hall anti-striker/defender sets,

  • Rosaria – core air dps, either CDR/Aspd/sets similar to janus,

  • Recoilless Gunner – cycle card that does damage to E1, anti-defender shadow hall set

  • Twins – frontliner, tank set,

  • Old Admin Strikers – frontliner, tank set,

  • Roy – frontliner, tank set.

Operator & Ship

Matador, but the operator doesn't really matter - just use anything with AOE DMG Res.

This week's guide author: A high ranker who wants to remain anonymous.

Credits and huge thank you to Normalday (Normal2day#9915 on Discord) who created the lovely cover image.