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PVP Team of the Week - 29

Published Monday, 06 December 2021

Do you want to climb in the Ranked Arena, but all your favorite employees got banned? Look no further and check the PVP Team of the Week guide created by DaeHyun.

Greetings CEOs! Welcome back to the second iteration of Teams of the Week. I want to introduce you all to a fun team that has a strong standing against most teams in the current meta. With most awaken being banned and the addition of the ship Coffin-6 (SSR version) we have a team that dishes out insane AOE damage while being relatively safe from being overpowered by other awakens. Although Coffin-6 is banned 1, it can still be used effectively when timed correctly.

This is a Mech Team comp that is based on my own personal experience. It might not be the same for you based on ranking, gear, unit levels, and play style. I tested my team in over 20+ matches with at least 80% win rate before concluding my guide.

  1. Wait for your opponent to come to you for your Coffin-6 to auto-deploy Tarrasque with its passive. If the enemy does not deploy and wait, then you deploy a low-cost unit to force them to deploy,

  2. Once your ship spawns a Tarrasque, you deploy either glitch or sparrow then deploy your E1 for a full 3 stacks passive,

  3. Deploy OA Rifleman after if they have a strong defender, or deploy whoever fits the current situation,

  4. Use Overflow or Veronica in your hand to misdirect enemy attention from E1,

  5. Try to play near your ship so your Coffin-6 ship skill one can be utilized to the max (So your mechs stay in the buff and don't move out of it),

  6. Use Kang to insta-kill squishy snipers like Xiao or Sylvia and to continue CC chain or just purely disruption.

The Units & Gears (with sub-stats)
  • E1: Cooldown Reduction (Skill haste) - Main Carry

  • LSY: Cooldown Reduction (Skill haste) - Second Carry

  • OA Rifleman: Attack Speed (Anti-Defender) - Tank Killer

  • Overflow: HP/HP (Damage Resistance) - Main Tank

  • Veronica: Spectral Blaze (Anti-Defender & Anti-Striker) - Frontline Disruptor

  • Sparrow: ASPD (Anti-Defender) - low-cost sacrifice unit

  • Glitch: ASPD (Anti-Defender) - low-cost sacrifice unit

  • Kang: Anti-Sniper (Anti-Sniper) - Backline disruptor

Gear Priority (in order)
  • CDR: E1 > LSY

  • ASPD: OA Rifleman > Glitch > Sparrow

Operator & Ship

Coffin-6 + Sigma

DISCLOSURE: This team requires best in slot gear for E1 / Overflow / OA Rifleman / LSY to do well. If you don't have that, then this team will not work out so well for you. Also, this is not the best team for the week and there wouldn't be one best team either, this is just one of the variety of teams you can use to climb this week

Author: DaeHyun, who reached the #35 spot in the Ranked Arena at the end of last season and currently sits at 6.5k score.

Credits and huge thank you to Normalday (Normal2day#9915 on Discord) who created the lovely cover image.