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PVP Team of the Week - 28

Published Monday, 29 November 2021

Do you want to climb in the Ranked Arena, but all your favorite employees got banned? Look no further and check the first PVP Team of the Week guide created by DaeHyun.

Hey everyone! Finally, we can have a good striker rush team to climb this week with the addition of the Albion ship and NYB being banned. If you want a fun team combination that is fast-paced and has a high win rate this week then you've come to the right place.

This is a Rush Team comp that is based on my own personal experience. It might not be the same for you based on ranking, gear, unit levels, and play style. The team is played for over 30 matches with at least an average of 80% win rate before concluding the unit choice.

WARNING! This team requires heavy gear investment to do well.

  1. Deploy right away when the match starts with Naille + Ifrit if they lead with a defender. If no defender then Naille + whoever you deem fit,

  2. Use Albion S1 to cloak your strikers and let them have free reign attacking anyone without getting hit,

  3. If you win the first fight, you have a very high chance of winning the match,

  4. If you lose the first fight, deploy Lee Yumi to stall and build up your units again.

The Units & Gears
  • Naeille: CDR (Skill haste) - Carry

  • Ifrit: Blaze (Anti-Def & Anti-Striker) - Frontline Killer

  • Lanchester: CDR (Skill Haste) - CC

  • Yumi: HP/HP or HP/EVA (Dmg Res) - Tank

  • LSY: CDR (Skill haste) - Carry

  • Sylvia: CDR (Skill haste) - CC

  • Ingrid: HP/HP or HP/EVA (Dmg Res) - Backline disruptor

  • Eddie: HP/HP (Dmg Res) - Low cost cycle unit

Gear Priority (in order)
  • CDR: Naeille > LSY > Lanchester > Sylvia

  • Tank: Yumi > Ifrit > Eddie


Lee Sooyeon is the best choice.

Author: DaeHyun, who reached the #35 spot in the Ranked Arena at the end of last season and currently sits at 6.5k score.