Prydwen Institute beta release!

Published Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Finally, after over two months of work, we're ready to show you Prydwen Institute - a database for everything related to Counter Side where you can easily find information about employees, ships, and operators!

Hello, Antillar here!

Honestly, this website was long overdue. When I first started working on the guides and tier list for Counter Side, I created the spreadsheet you're probably familiar with, and back then it sounded like a great idea. Sadly, with each week the amount of information I've been storing there was growing and growing and growing till editing the sheet became a nightmare.

Then the idea to create a website instead formed in my mind.

The biggest problem was that while I'm a designer in real life who also knows his way around HTML and CSS, I lacked the required knowledge to create a website that could handle all the images/data/etc. and work as fast as I needed it to work. But thanks to my good friend Chuwawa, it finally became possible. So huge thank you to him because without his help, Prydwen Institute either would have never happened or it would take me way more time to create a half-baked version of what you're seeing.

Still, our work isn't done.

For the beta release, we've prepared the information about all currently released employees, ships, operators, and even skins that are available in KR and SEA versions of the game. This means you can easily check what the future holds and decide who you want to save your hard-earned Blue and Black Tickets for. In addition to all the information that was already present in my sheet, now you can also find here:

  • detailed abilities with cooldown and valid hit information,

  • detailed stats (and you can even check how they change with levels),

  • a smaller or a longer review with pros and cons,

  • skins,

  • and dialogues.

Some of the lower rarity and less popular employees are still missing reviews, but those will be added in the next few days. The same thing with guides - while I wanted to have the various guides I've created so far (like for Shadow Palace or Danger Close) to be available on the website for the beta release, I've decided to add them a bit later and release the database part first. The plan is to finish adding them in the next two weeks or so.

Okay, I think it's enough of my rambling, but before I finish, I would like to thank all the people that made this website possible.

  • Chuwawa for teaching me a lot of things over the time we worked together, and not being angry when he woke up each day to five new tickets on our Trello board,

  • Hollow for helping with maintaining the spreadsheet and always being there to chat about random stuff,

  • Yonagi for being the best source of information about KR region meta. No matter if I pinged him in the middle of the night, he would always find time to reply,

  • Bonk, Legion, and others from the CS main discord for verifying various information about the game itself,

  • La Familia Gaming guild for being the best guinea pigs... ekhm, beta testers who provided tons of feedback while testing the website.

Thank you all. And hope you will have a fun time while browsing the Prydwen Institute.

If you have any feedback about the website, please catch me on Discord: Antillar #7066.