Overall PVE Rating bug and new reviews

Published Friday, 24 June 2022

After the recent PVP rating overhaul, we turned our focus to the PVE ratings and discovered a pretty huge bug in the formula we're using.

We won't try to sugarcoat it - we messed up

Some time ago we made a pretty big overhaul to the ratings we use on the website:

  • we removed the Overall Rating - it combined both PVE and PVP ratings into one big rating, but we decided it was pointless, as units that were only good in one type of gameplay were misrated and players ignored them,

  • we removed the Strategy PVP Ratings - Strategy PVP is a mindless mode and everything can work there and in 99% of the cases, the ratings were the same for both types of PVP (which we might reverse in the light of the upcoming Strategy Battle rework - check the recent Dev Notes for more details). So the current Overall PVP rating is basically equal to the RTA rating.

Those two changes by themselves didn't cause the bug, but first, we need to explain how the Overall PVE Rating is created.

Since not all modes are equally important we decided to use something called weighted average instead of simply adding up the ratings and dividing them by the number of them. So, we applied different weights to each of the partial ratings. For example, Story Rating is weighted lower than Relic Dungeons Rating because Story is much easier (at least for now) and Relic Dungeons are one of the current two endgame modes that are pretty hard to clear.

Well, and here's here where we messed up - the weighted ratings weren't adding up to 1.

This means that after adding all the partial ratings with their weights and dividing them, the Overall PVE was inflated. This caused some characters that for example had SS ratings across the board to suddenly receive an Overall SSS rating which should be impossible if the formula was correct.

We fixed the formula and now from 12 SSS-ranked PVE employees, only 4 remain. This change cascaded down each rank and now the tier list is less top-heavy than before.

Still, please be aware that the partial ratings were correct all the time, so if you searched for characters that are great in Danger Close for example, you would still find them correctly rated, but the Overall PVE formula was skewed, but now everything is fixed.

We're sorry for our mistake and we will make sure that this won't happen again.

Also, we updated the ratings and reviews for some of the employees - including Awakened Yuna and Awakened Lee Sooyeon, as they are the next two awakened employees arriving in the Global region in July. We decided to adjust them after observing the recent JPN release - with all the changes that happened to the game in the last six months, not all things that we learned from the SEA server are valid anymore.

We try to be as objective as possible and we don't want to waste anyone's Blue or Black Tickets, so in the next few weeks, we plan to go over all the upcoming employees and write more thorough reviews that better show their good and bad sides. Just check the updated ratings and review for Awakened Yuna to know what to expect.

We hope the changes will allow you to make a better decision on whether to pull for some units or skip them.