SEA Region

No patch this week in SEA

Published Wednesday, 08 December 2021

For whatever reason, after 6 months of weekly patches, Zlongame decided to not only break the pattern but also to not release any information whatsoever. What's going on?

Before we are going to delve into the shitstorm currently happening on both the main discord and all the Facebook fan groups, here's a bit of background information.

Counter Side has been released a bit over six months ago and since then, every week we've received patch notes both in-game and on the official Facebook profile. While initially, the patch notes appeared on Wednesday, and the maintenance followed on the next day, around two months ago the patch notes announcement was moved to Tuesday. Players quickly adjusted and everyone was happy.

Till this week.

When the patch notes didn't appear yesterday, a seed of confusion began to sprout in the hearts of the players. Doomposting and shitposting spread like wildfire, but everyone hoped that it was mainly a mistake and for whatever reason Zlongame decided to move the patch day back to Wednesday. Everything will be fine, right?

Sadly, that wasn't the case, because the usual hour when the posts appear on the Facebook profile had already passed.

There hasn't been an automated post since last week and nobody knows what's going on. To make things worse, even the poor support guys on the official Facebook profile apparently weren't informed by whatever Zlongame decided to do, because they're as clueless as us, the players. I'm sorry for what you have to deal with right now.

The versions of the game in other regions received an update normally this week. KR got new challenges, TW got the gang of angry lolis and CN got some old banners. So we can't really blame studiobside (the developers) for whatever happened, because the release pattern hadn't changed in any other version.

What happened then? Zlongame had issues with communicating with the community before, but the current silence is pretty damning. And especially with JPN server being released on 16th December, there are those who want to move there - not only because of the great JPN VA, but at least Nexon JPN who is the publisher there actually communicates with the players.

So, what's going on? I would love to know that too.

If the patch was delayed till later this week or even next week, then Zlongame failed massively because they didn't bother with informing us about it. Players have been bombarding the Facebook profile support for two whole days now, and still, there's no official information.

Zlongame, I never had issues with how you handle the game because, to be honest, the banner release frequency, constant events, affordable pack prices, and a lot of other things are great compared to other gacha games. The thing is, you always failed at communicating with your players, and what you did this week is just sad.

Do we not deserve to know what's going on?

I hope you will learn something from this fuckup and do better. Just do better.

Signed, disappointed Antillar.

Edit: Finally, Zlongame has responded:

Honestly, if they knew there are some issues with this week's patch, they should have just made a Facebook post about this earlier. And that way this whole mess would have been easily prevented.