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Next Awakened employee - Gargantua Maria!

Published Friday, 27 May 2022

The trailer for the next Awakened Employee to be added to the game just dropped and we can say that Gargantua Maria looks great!

Here's the link, do watch it first: Awakened Maria release trailer.

We don't know her kit yet, but after watching the trailer we can speculate about a few things. Let's start with something that's certain, her class. It looks like in her prime, before becoming the stoic Tower, Maria was a Ranger.

Also, while the base version of Maria focuses on summoning Mechs, her Awakened version is a master of portals that she uses to help out her allies and damage enemies.

This looks to be her Passive skill. She creates two portals and when a unit enters the first one, it emerges from the second, allowing it to rush the enemy ship. It's hard to see in the video, but it looks like some units emerge from the first portal too.

Her Special skill seems to open a Rift that deals AOE damage and Stuns enemies that were hit.

As for her Ultimate, it looks like she wanted to prove something to Karin Wong because she opens a portal behind which there's a whole fleet of ships that rain destruction over the battlefield.

Awakened Maria will be released on the KR server on the 31st of May, but a day earlier we will learn more about her kit!