New Year website update and Gear Checklist

Published Saturday, 01 January 2022

Happy New Year! This week's update is a small one, but it should help players from other regions. Also, the Rearm Guide and Gear Checklist Guide are here!

First of all, Happy New Year! You deserve all the best in the world. May all your wishes come true in 2022.

The last week was a quiet one due to the Christmas Break, but I still managed to work on a few things for the website. The biggest new thing was the addition of Employee Alt names, so players in different regions will have an easier time finding the characters via search fields. Also, the alt names were added to the employee profile page too. We're supporting now:

  • Japan,

  • Korea,

  • Taiwan,

  • China,

  • Thailand (while it's not a separate region as it's part of the SEA server, I've added it too, since a lot of the website viewers are from there).

I hope this change will help in navigating the site!

The second change is about Danger Close guide. I've added there both video and text guides for Tyrant Sword boss that were created by NormalDay. Here's the link to the guide if you want to check it.

The third new addition is Rearm Guide that explains how the system works and how many resources you need to make your employees stronger. There's a high chance this system will be added to SEA either this month or the next one.

I would also like to introduce the Gear Checklist Guide created by Hellhound and Arisante. Here's what the authors wrote about their project:

Counter:Side Futureproof Gear Checklist/Guide - this spreadsheet is a checklist that includes all T6 available to be purchased from the shop (Gauntlet, Challenge, Events) in the KR server (up to date), and have been categorized into sets based on the strengths each gear pieces provide as well as the amount of gear available to complete a whole set.

You can find the guide here and here's a video created by Arisante that shows how to use the guide.

That's all for this week. I would like to wish you a Happy New Year again!

Credits and huge thank you to NormalDay (Normal2day#9915 on Discord) who created the lovely cover image.