KR Region

New Striker - Draco released in KR

Published Sunday, 21 November 2021

Draco is the newest SSR employee released in the KR region who introduces a unique tracking mechanic to the game. What exactly does it do? Check the post to find out.

Till now, the way employees picked their targets usually was split between two options: nearest and furthest target, and whenever they rotate their abilities, the target would change. But with Draco being added to KR region, a third option appeared - tracking.

Tracking means that once Draco picks her target for the first time, she will focus on it and won't stop chasing/attacking it unless either she or the target dies. This allows her to counter certain employees that can jump back to the backline when their health falls below a certain % - for example, A. Seo Yoon or Ministra.

While on paper the tracking ability looks pretty good, we still need to test how it will work in practice. Till we do that, here are all the details about Draco.


Type: Counter

Role: Striker

Deployment cost: 3

Attack type: Ground

Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Uses her claws to attack the closest target. Once she targets someone, she will keep attacking until the target is dead.

Passive - Are you slacking off?

Every 3 basic attacks, cast an enhanced attack that hitstuns the target. The enhanced attack restores 5% of her max HP (10% if in Ultimate state).

At level 5, Ultimate cooldown is reduced by 8 seconds after casting an enhanced attack.

Special - Grappling Anchor - 22 seconds cooldown

Slides toward the nearby enemy (can't be cast when enemy is within 3 meters of her, or when in Ultimate state).

At level 5, Gain 15% ASPD for 10 seconds after casting the skill.

Ultimate - Sharkbite - 62 seconds cooldown

Explodes water around her, dealing AOE damage. For 15 seconds after casting the skill, she enters Ultimate state and becomes Silenced. In that state her basic and enhanced attacks deal more damage and become AOE attacks. Gain immunity to hitstun for 10 seconds (can't be removed).

At level 5, Gain 30% Ranged DMG Res in her Ultimate state.

Here's her model:

In the next few days we will post a review of her, so do check her employee page from time to time: Draco's profile.