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New Rearm - Abyssal Ravage Orca!

Published Monday, 21 February 2022

Woah, that's a surprise - Orca just received a rearm and nobody saw that coming. Check her kit in this post!

Abyssal Ravage Orca

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Striker

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Wildly uses her dagger to inflict ranged AoE damage. Orca also attacks surrounding enemies as she rises after being downed.

Passive - Regenerator

After getting hit 5 times, restore 1% of max HP (2% in Gauntlet) per second for 5 seconds. The effect can stack up to 5 times.

At level 5, becomes immune to Stun.

At level 10, becomes immune to Sleep.

The other levels give Anti-C.O./Replacer DMG, 80% in total, same as normal Orca.

Special - Squirming Tabernacle - 24 seconds cooldown

Deals damage to surrounding enemies. Restore 20% of max HP after casting the skill.

At level 5, cooldown -4 seconds.

At level 10, +1 Valid Hit. 50% increased range.

Ultimate - Orca's Fury - 50 seconds cooldown

Discharges all her energy and lunges at the target, inflicting damage. This skill's cooldown is decreased by 40 seconds if the target dies.

At level 5, Skill deals true damage instead.

At level 10, +1 Valid Hit. Deal no damage to targets that exceed the Valid hit count.

Leader - Archetype of Dysplasia

For 10 seconds after being deployed gains 20% Anti-C.O DMG and takes 20% less damage from Replacers.

At level 5, Buff Duration +4 seconds.