KR Region

New Ranger - Yamata no Orochi

Published Monday, 13 December 2021

Orochi and her snek join the battle in the KR region tomorrow, and we already know her kit! Check the post to find how the latest Ranger looks like.

Yamata no Orochi seems to be a Ranger who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and she stays closer to the frontlines. Still, to make sure she survives there, her special gives her Perma Evade.

Her passive is also a pretty interesting one - basically, she can 'share' the damage she does to a single target with another nearby enemy. This should make her a great cleaver in both PVP and PVE.

We will test her tomorrow once the patch hits and see how she fares, but for now, check her full details below.

Yamata no Orochi

Type: Counter

Role: Ranger

Deployment cost: 4

Attack type: All

Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

The snek generates electricity and blasts the closest enemy with it. The attack lasts for 5 seconds and stops if the target dies or moves 10 meters away from Orochi.

Passive - Snake That Swallowed The Thunderstorm

After dealing damage 15 times with the basic attack, create a Sphere that will pulse and deal the same amount of damage to another nearby enemy.

At level 5, the sphere is created after 13 basic attacks instead.

Special - Soul-destroying Storm - 26 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

Generates twisters that deal damage and knocks enemies hit into the air. After casting the skill, Orochi gains Perma Evasion for 8 seconds.

At level 5, dispels barriers from the damaged enemies.

Ultimate - Nemesis - 58 seconds - 4 valid hits

Merges with the snek and transforms into a storm that deals AOE damage and knocks enemies hit into the air. While casting the skill, Orochi gains 50% DMG Res and enemies lose 50% ASPD and SPD (bosses excluded).

At level 5, after casting the skill, the buff and debuff linger for 10 more seconds, but at half the value (so -25% ASPD and SPD to enemies and +25% DMG Res on Orochi).

Here's her full art:

And her chibi: