KR Region

New Operator in KR - Rachel Dodds!

Published Monday, 22 November 2021

KR region received a new operator with today's patch. We already knew she was coming for a few weeks, but today we finally can check her kit.

Rachel Dodds is a bookkeeper who loves to paint walls with graffiti in her free time. She's the newest SSR rarity operator, who focuses on buffing Strikers and Defenders.

Here are the bonuses she gives to your ship when you use her (at level 100):

  • Ship's HP +15.50%,

  • Ship's ATK +33.24%,

  • Ship's DEF +17.91%

  • Ship's Skill Haste +10.80%

And here's her skill:

I'll make it pretty - 60 seconds cooldown

Grants 30% Melee DMG and 15% DMG RES to ally Strikers and Defenders for 10 seconds. The buff can't be removed.

Trigger order: Defender > Striker > Sniper

Finally, here's her full model:

Rachel looks like a great addition to rush teams, especially since her buff can't be removed which means Serina can't counter her. In the next few days, we will try her out and add a review of her!