KR Region

New Operator and Employee in the KR Region!

Published Monday, 28 February 2022

We already knew about Momo and Nicole since last week, but check this post to find out what their kits look like!


  • Type: Soldier

  • Role: Ranger

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Attacks the closest target with her rifle.

Passive - Wild Gun Agatha

Attacks the nearby target that's closer than 9 meters from Nicole, knocking it back and ignoring immunities. Grants 20% ASPD for 8 seconds when activated and if the enemy is Defender type also reduces his speed by 90% for 8 seconds (awakened and boss excluded). The passive can only be activated every 8 seconds, but if there are at least 3 enemies within 9 meters of Nicole, she will use it immediately.

At level 5, ASPD buff is increased to 40% and enemies hit also are Skill Sealed.

(passive also gives 40% Anti-Defender damage on 2-4 levels)

Special - Sacred Bottle of Antioch - 24 seconds

Throws a holy bottle at the nearest enemy, dealing AOE damage. C.O. and Replacers will additionally receive Fixed Damage equal to 15% of their max HP (excluding bosses), but only if they were within valid hit limit.

At level 5, cooldown -4s.

Passive - The Bartender

Drink a weird-looking bottle that was hidden behind the bar. Gain 20% ATK for 8 seconds after being deployed.

At level 5, the buff value is changed to 30% ATK. The buff is reapplied when Gremory is deployed.

Here's her full model:


  • Type: Operator

  • Skill release order: Supporter > Defender > Ranger

Bow to the true king, mortals! - 60 seconds cooldown

Decreases ASPD by 18% and Healing received by enemies by 110% for 12 seconds (max level).

Here's her full model: