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New Mecha employee released in KR - Grendel

Published Monday, 06 June 2022

A new Sniper Mecha employee's kit has been revealed today! Let's hope that they finally get that combination right.


  • Type: Mech

  • Role: Sniper

  • Deployment cost: 4

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

When Grendel finds an enemy, it will start walking forward while firing a railgun. If the enemy enters melee range, Grendel will attack with knockback.

Passive - Laser Bullet - 2 valid hits

After using the Special skill use Enhanced Attacks for 3 seconds (1 Attack max). Enhanced Attack causes Barrier Reflux at 50% value and also prevents the target from receiving Barriers for 12 seconds.

At level 5, Barrier Reflux value changed to 75%.

Levels 2-4 give 12% ASPD in total.

Barrier Reflux means that similar to Awakened Na Yubin, any Barrier applied to the enemy, will instead do damage to him. For Grendel, the damage is 50% of the Barrier value, but it goes up to 75% at level 5.

Special - VLS - 30 seconds - 3 valid hits

The Special can only be cast when in stationary mode. Fires a barrage of missiles at the closest target, dealing AOE damage.

At level 5, cooldown -5s

Passive - Four-legged Machine of Destruction

Gain permanent immunity to hit-stun from Special skills or lower.

At level 5, HP +15%

Here's his full model: