KR Region

New Jane Doe skin leaked!

Published Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Welp, it looks like the developers in the KR region made a mistake and by accident, they've leaked a new skin in the recent update.

Chinese New Year is close and either next week or in two weeks it should arrive to Counter Side. Two skins were released last year, for Gaeun and Xiao Lin, and it seems that Jane Doe will join them this year! Why do we think so? Because the newest skin was by accident added to the catalog in the KR client:

Also, we've managed to find the full image and here it is. Enjoy!

Sadly the price isn't known yet.

PS. There's a high chance that all regions will run the Chinese New Year at the same time, as it happened with Christmas/New Year, which means Jane Doe could be very very close to joining us in the SEA region too.