New gearing guides!

Published Saturday, 04 June 2022

We've received tons of questions about gearing from Global players and that's why we've added more comprehensive guides to Prydwen.

Two new guides have been added to the Guides section and together with the already existing Advanced PVP gearing guide, it should be enough to cover everything you need to know about gearing in Counter Side.

We've placed all three guides into a separate category on the Guide page, to keep them in one spot and make it easier for you to find them.

Let's go over the three guides now and which one should you check first:

  • Beginner Gearing Guide is exactly what the name suggests. It covers the basics of gearing that will be very useful for Global players and also help them avoid the biggest mistakes,

  • Adv. PVP Gearing Guide contains tips about the unique T6 sets like Maze, Gordias, and Humminbird and how to tune them to make the best use of them in PVP. Still, be aware that the majority of the set combinations also are very useful in PVE, so check the guide for information, even if you're a PVE player,

  • Latent Guide covers the T7 gear that's farmable from Raids and Relic Dungeons (those aren't available in Global yet). The guide will help you with dos and dont's for the most RNG gear available in Counter Side.

I would like to thank iridescent#5405 for creating all the guides and also for helping Global players on the discord with advice in regard to gearing.

For Global players that hate reading and prefer watching videos, do check this great video created by Jenazad that covers everything in the Beginner Gearing Guide and adds a few more tips on top.

Also, be aware that we have a dedicated page that siphons gear recommendations from the employee profile and compiles them in one place. Over the next few days, we will be also going over all employees to check if our recommended gear is still up to date with the current meta.