KR Region

New employee in the KR region - Dorothy!

Published Monday, 28 March 2022

Dorothy, the Soldier Sniper, has been added to the KR region. Check her kit in this post!


  • Type: Soldier

  • Role: Sniper

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

  • Type: Fury

Basic Attack

Uses her prosthesis to deal ranged damage. While moving to the target, becomes immune to all damage.

Passive - Warming Up

After every 4 basic attacks, uses an Enhanced Attack that deals AOE damage. Enhanced Attack grants two stacks of Fury instead of one.

At level 5, gain 3 Fury instead during an Enhanced Attack.

Special - Long Stride - 13 Fury

Turn into a blur and attack enemies in front before stunning them for 1 second.

At level 5, stun time increased to 3 seconds, and the last part of the attack always crits.

Passive - Face Maker!

For 8 seconds after being deployed, grants 10% ASPD and 20% CRIT DMG to herself and all allies. After critting 5 times, the buff is reapplied. Allied Soldiers also gain 4 seconds of Perfect Evasion, but this effect is applied only during deployment.

At level 5, buff duration increased by 2 seconds. Allies also gain 7% ATK (does not apply to Dorothy).

Here's her full model: