KR Region

New employee added to the game - Revenant!

Published Monday, 25 April 2022

The KR region has just revealed another new employee that will be added to the game tomorrow. Check Revenant's kit in this post!


  • Type: Soldier

  • Role: Supporter

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Fires her SMGs at the closest enemy.

Passive - Hateful Woman

Every 10 seconds, throw a grenade at the closest enemy, dealing AOE damage. Enemies hit by the explosion deal 1% less damage to Soldiers for 4 seconds - stacks up to 10 times based on the number of multi-unit Soldiers deployed on the battlefield. Multi-units Soldiers are employees that have XN in their name; summoned units aren't counted for the passive.

At level 5, the grenade is thrown every 8 seconds instead, and the debuff starts ramping up from 2% and caps at 20%.

Special - First Class Operative - 28 seconds

Provides a barrier to nearby ally multi-unit Soldiers for 30% of their max HP. While the barrier is active, they are immune to hit-stun.

At level 5, adds the Sure Fire effect for 4 seconds to units that received the barrier.

Passive - Field Commander

Increases the damage dealt by ally multi-unit Soldiers by 10% while Revenant is on the battlefield.

At level 5, adds 15% Defense Penetration to the buff.

Also the levels 2-4 increase the damage dealt by ally multi-units by another 8%.

Here's her full model: