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New Awakened Employee - Iron Rider Curian!

Published Friday, 08 July 2022

Iron Rider Curian promotional video has just been released! Check our analysis of his potential kit.

The PV is available on YouTube so watch it first: Curian PV.

Looks like the first Awakened Soldier is a Sniper-type unit that focuses on summoning! And he rides a mechanic horse!

Let's try to guess his kit.

Basic Attack

Curian fires his rifle and it seems he's doing AOE damage with it.

His range looks pretty good, so this should keep him safe from the frontliners and their skills.


Passives are usually the most complicated part of an Awakened employee kit, but in the case of Curian one thing is certain - when he is deployed, he summons two units that are equipped with massive shields and rifles.

The summoned units stay close to Curian and attack enemies from distance with their rifles.

Also, in one of the frames there were four summoned units at once on the screen, so either his passive allows him to summon more of them or the ability is tied to his Special or Ultimate.


Curian's Special skill fires a flare that acts as a beacon for an orbital strike that deals AOE damage to enemies.


During his ultimate, Curian charges on his horse toward the enemies, pushing them back and dealing massive damage.

Here's his full model:

Patch notes that will reveal Curian's skillset will be released on the 11th of July. For now, he will only be available on the KR server.

Come back and check the blog then for the translation of his skills.

What do you think about Curian? Do you like the direction they went with the first Awakened Soldier or do you hate it? Let us know in the comments!