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New awakened employee and a new ship added to the game!

Published Monday, 22 August 2022

Final Phase Sigma promotional video and kit have just been released! Also, the Enterprise Quad ship has been revealed! Check the post for our translations of their skills.

Sigma's PV is available on YouTube so watch it first: Sigma PV.

Below you will find our translation of her skills.

Final Phase Sigma

  • Type: Mech

  • Role: Striker

  • Deployment cost: 6

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack - 2 valid hits

Attack the nearby enemy with her gauntlets, dealing AOE Damage.

Passive - Terrabrain Synchronization

Terrabrain deploys with Sigma; whenever she uses her Basic Attack or Special Attack, it will replicate the attacks. Terrabrain can't be healed, buffed, or debuffed and it gets destroyed after receiving 15 hits. in PVE, Terrabrain gives Sigma 15% ATK, 1.5% max HP heal per second, and 100% Role Disadvantage RES. In PVP, Terrabrain gives sigma 25% ATK, 3% max HP heal per second, and 100% Role Disadvantage RES. In both PVE and PVP, allies gain 50% of the Role Disadvantage RES.

At level 5, when Terrabrain gets destroyed, Sigma becomes enraged and her skills become sealed for 12 seconds. She also gains hitstun immunity, debuff immunity, immortality, +100% ATK, and +100% ASPD for the duration of the skill seal.

Special - Ora ora ora! - 24 seconds - 3 valid hits

Start swinging her gauntlets at the nearby enemies, dealing AOE Damage. After casting the skill, gains immunity to hitstun from special skills and lower for 8 seconds.

At level 5, reduce the cooldown of the skill by 1 second whenever Terrabrain attacks a target.

Ultimate - Final Phase: Terra Laser - 50 seconds - 4 valid hit

Uses the full power of the Terrabrain to fire a laser, dealing AOE Damage; damaged target skills will be sealed for 10 seconds. Targets standing further than 13m of Sigma won't get damaged.

At level 5, for 18 seconds after casting the skill, Terrabrain attacks will always CRIT. When Sigma becomes enraged, reduce the cooldown of the skill by 12 seconds.

Here's her full design:

Enterprise Quad

  • requires Enterprise at level 100 to unlock the recipe.


Ally Counters gain +10% ATK and +18% DEF Penetration.


Bombards the area decreasing the DEF of enemies inside it by 20% for 8 seconds.


Opens the improved black hole drive, knocking down nearby enemies and creating a black hole. The black hole continuously draws in its surroundings, inflicting area damage and slowing its movement speed. When the duration ends, enemies are knocked down, and the damaged target's ATK and Skill Haste are reduced by 20% for 10 seconds