KR Region

May roadmap for the KR Region

Published Saturday, 30 April 2022

The next roadmap is here, and it seems May will bring us Episode 9 and Awakened Maria! Check the details inside the post.


New Operator - Moena
Eins & Zwei Summer skin
Other updates
  • Horizon Finance Challenge.


New SSR employee - Angela

She belongs to the Elysium Philharmonic faction, the same as Maestro Nequitia and Shena.


  • Fallen Hawks Challenge,

  • Counter Case for Doma and Yuma,

  • Horizon Finance story added to Side Stories.


New Awaken employee - Awakened Maria
New Battle Pass employee - Clarence
New Rearmed employee - Sylvia Lena Cooper
New skins

Our guesses for who those skins belong to (from left to right):

  1. Chinatsu cosplaying as Orochi

  2. Na Yubin gender bender (or Jisoo cosplaying as Na Yubin)

  3. Naielle cosplaying as Yen Xing

  4. Roy Burnett gender bender (or Elizabeth cosplaying as Roy)

It's quite possible all the skins are cosplays (so no gender bender skins), but we will have to wait a few weeks to get confirmation.

Other updates
  • Episode 9,

  • 50 free pulls event,

  • awakened employees balance update,

  • operators can use facial expressions in the lobby,

  • 1:1 chat.

The roadmap can be found here: Nexon Forum