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March roadmap and developers note for the KR Region

Published Friday, 25 February 2022

Today the developers released developers' note and a roadmap for the next month and it's full of goodies - new employees, new skins, and new events! Check the post for more information.

Roadmap for March


New Operator release - Momo

Her skill was already released and she reduces the healing and ASPD of the enemy team. What's interesting is that the healing reduction can go above 100% on higher levels, which means she can Reflux Heal like ASY (75% is the starter value and 110% is the max level).

Also, her skill release order is pretty weird, which could make her hard to use: Support > Defender > Ranger.

New employee - Nicole

For now, all we know about her is that she's an SSR rarity Soldier who can attack both ground and air.

Changes to the game
  • Supply Operations have their unlock requirements changed, so new players will be able to farm them faster. Also first clear rewards have been increased or changed,

  • Molds are no longer required to craft normal T1-T5 gear,

  • You can favorite your employees now, so they will appear at the top of the rooster and also can be filtered to only show them,

  • Added new function to the dorm - dining,

  • Added a new filter that allows you to show Awakened or Rearm employees,

  • Added new sorting options: Loyalty, Transcendence, Platoons.


Alphatrix Innovation Event

Shin Jia and her team are getting their own event!

New Awaken employee

The middle character is already revealed Nicole, the SSR soldier. The one hidden on the left side is probably the next awaken, Awakened Shin Jia (notice the ribbons - very similar to her base version).

The character on the right is the next Rearm unit that will be released later down the month (and some people think it's Lee Jin, also from the Alphatrix faction).

Those are just our guesses, we will have to wait for next week to confirm this.

New Battle Pass - Rafaela

We don't know anything about her besides that she's the next Battle Pass Employee.

Other things
  • Spring Event! New login calendar and missions!


Horizon Finance bunny skins!

We already knew that Horizon Finance will be getting bunny skins, but now we know when we will get them! And it seems that Dash, Horizon, and Rita are the three employees who will become bunnies.

Old Administration: Maze Division

Alex, Lyudmila will receive their Counter Cases.

Relic gear update!

New challenges will be added to the Relic Dungeons. Does this mean we will get some new types of T7 gear? We will have to wait and see.


New Rearm

As mentioned before, we think it will be Lee Jin, but those are just guesses at this point.

Other things coming this month

  • Dorm Jukebox System - you will be able to change the song that's playing both in the dorm and lobby,

  • Danger Close updates,

  • New Raid Boss - Inhibitor,

  • Auto search for Friendly PVP mode,

  • New Dorm Furniture,

  • Balance patch for older employees,

  • Strategy Book - you can check Raid bosses and other enemies' skills in-game:

(That's the new raid boss, Inhibitor, and the design for the in-game information about enemies).

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