KR Region

Maestro Nequitia, Morse and Investigator Kang kits revealed!

Published Monday, 18 April 2022

Today's patch notes for the KR region revealed two new employees, a new rearm, and a new ship! Check this post for their translated kits!

Maestro Nequitia

  • Type: Counter / C.O.

  • Role: Tower

  • Deployment cost: 7

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack - Song of the Dead

After being deployed at the ship, slowly start advancing toward the center of the battlefield while ignoring enemies. Enemies on the battlefield (except the boss) will gain a stack of a debuff every 8 seconds, making them lose 0.1% of their max HP per second (0.2% in the Gauntlet). The effect can stack 10 times.

At levels 2-4, gain 40% Movement Speed in total.

At level 5, enemies gain a stack of the debuff every 6 seconds instead.

Passive - Maestro

Summon a Rose Musician every time she crosses a certain distance that grants additional effects to the Song of the Dead. Each Rose Musicians debuffs enemies with -1.5% ATK, +1.5% DMG Received, and -5% Healing effectiveness. Those effects are also applied to bosses.

At level 5, gain immunity to damage for 5 seconds when her HP falls below 50%.

Quite possible that the debuffs stack 10 times - the same as her basic attack.

Passive - Elysium Philharmonic

Can't be healed but also can't be affected by sleep, stun, knockback, confusion, hit-stun, and attack speed reduction debuffs. Ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 5% ATK and 10% CRIT, and their skills generate an additional note - this effect doesn't apply to Maestro.

At levels 2-4, ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 20% ATK and 40% CRIT.

At level 5, ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 25% Skill Haste.

Ultimate - Apocalypse - 20 seconds cooldown

The skill can be cast only when Maestro reaches the center of the battlefield. After casting the skill, instantly add 5 stacks to the Song of the Dead and increases the power of the debuffs by 40%, then start moving toward the enemy ship, where she becomes immortal for 25 seconds. Once the immortal effect ends, the Song of the Dead ends with it.

At level 5, the power of the Song of the Dead debuffs is increased by 300%.

Here's her full model:


  • Type: Mech / C.O.

  • Role: Defender

  • Deployment cost: 4

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack - 2 Valid Hits

Attack the closest target with her halberd.

Passive - Disappearance

Rages when one of her allies dies and increases her own max HP by 10% (max 100%). This effect isn't triggered when summoned allies die.

At level 5, each stack also gives 5% DEF (max 50%).

Special - Crustacean Destruction - 23 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

Lunges with the halberd, dealing AOE damage to the closest target and knocking it back.

At level 5, damaged enemies take 15% increased damage for 10 seconds.

Passive - Rage of the Dead - 2 valid hits

Every time Morse is damaged 23 times, she deals damage to nearby enemies and knocks them back. Restore 10% of max HP and gain 10% DMG Res for 10 seconds. After that immediately use the Special Attack.

At level 5, restore 20% of max HP instead.

Here's her full model:

Investigator Kang

  • Type: Soldier

  • Role: Ranger

  • Deployment cost: 2

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Fires a pistol at a target.

Passive - Where's the Location? - 2 valid hits

Driving a police car, she can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield. Knocks enemies backward with AoE damage when deployed, and summons a Shieldman at the same level on the spot where her car exploded.

At level 5, Explosion DMG +50%, summons Stronghold instead of Shieldman

At level 10, skill deals True Damage.

Special - Requesting Support - 30 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

Call for support from the air that deals AOE damage around the enemy. Damaged targets have their Skill Sealed for 5 seconds (bosses excluded)

At level 5, cooldown -4s

At level 10, after the seal skill ends, if the target was a Counter, he will also lose 15% ATK for 4 seconds.

Passive - Special Tactical Command

Uses her experience of fighting C.O. as a non-Counter commander, decreasing surrounding Soldiers' DMG Taken by 20% and increasing their ATK by 20%.

At level 5, gain 20% increased HP.

At level 10, gain 30% Anti-Sniper DMG.

Also, the levels in between give +30% Anti-Counter DMG.

Leader - Captain of the 4th Squad

Increases ally Soldier's CRIT by 400 for 8 seconds after being deployed.

At level 5, buff duration +4 seconds.

The ship's skills have been slightly changed compared to the leak.


  • Armored Ship


Gives allies 8% ASPD and 25% CRIT DMG.


Creates a sound wave that deals damage to enemies and buffs allies within range, giving them 50% EVA for 10 seconds. Elysium Philharmonic employees gain an additional 600 EVA and the buff can't be dispelled on them.


Fires a sound wave, dealing damage and decreasing enemies' HIT by 50% and ASPD by 30% for 10 seconds.

Link to the full patch notes: Nexon forum.