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KR Dev Notes #40 - new PVE Mode, balance changes, ship retrofit and more!

Published Wednesday, 14 September 2022

This month's developers' notes bring tons of new things, so let's dig into them!

The dev notes can be found here if you want to check them yourself.

New PVE Mode - Dimension Trimming

Dimension Trimming is a new PVE mode that requires you to finish Chapter 8 to access. In this mode, you can obtain T7 Relic gear in various thematical branches that will be unlocked over time.

Each branch is a basically different world where extreme conditions are prevalent, like a jungle or a volcano. Every week, a different branch will open, but the system was designed with expansion in mind, so in the future, it's quite possible that more than one branch will be available at the same time.

Dimension Trimming doesn't require Eternium to farm, because there are a lot of places where players already need to use them. Instead, you are given 3 chances a day to attack a branch of your choosing, but more chances can be bought via Quartz. Also, if there are more branches open at the same time, the entries are shared between them.

How does the new mode play?

When you enter a branch, you will have to conquer 3 stages with increasing difficulty and you will have to tailor a team for each stage to counter whatever awaits you inside. Players will be penalized if they will try to ignore the mechanics of the stage and simply overpower the monsters inside. Also, similar to Danger Close - the faster you clear all three stages, the better rewards you will obtain.

The first branch to be released is called Wild Jungle and the enemies inside have exceptional healing abilities so you will have to counter them if you wish to win.

Furthermore, the mode is designed to be really hard and will require manual play - the developers are expecting players to fail a lot while trying to challenge it.

What are the rewards?

For clearing the branches, you can obtain T7 SSR Relic gear but also components that will allow you to craft more of it - similar to other PVE modes.

Furthermore, the gear obtainable in this mode has its own Sets and secondary attributes that will be unique to it. Each branch will drop a different kind of Relic gear that is based around its theme (so maybe the first branch will drop gear and sets that boost healing? - Antillar).

New System - Ship Retrofit

The system was already announced some time ago, but today we are ready to reveal the details.

To unlock the Ship Retrofit system, a ship needs to be leveled to level 100 first. Then, you need to sacrifice a dupe of the same ship + some credits to increase the level cap of the ship by 10 - and you can repeat the process 3 times. So the new level cap for ships will be 130 and you will need the original ship + 3 dupes to max it.

Each time you increase the level cap for a ship, not only does it increase its base stats, but you also unlock a slot for a Command Module. Each Command Module comes with 2 passives - one boosts characters based on their class and the second based on their type.

The image above shows example passives.

Module 1:

  • [Soldier] Ultimate Damage +3%

  • [Siege] Crit DMG +4.6%

Module 2:

  • [Counter] Anti-Ranged DMG Res +1.4%

  • [Striker] Special Skill Damage +3%

Module 3:

  • [Counter] Barrier Power +10%

  • [Supporter] Anti-Mech DMG +3.8%

The passives you obtain are randomized but you can reroll them using ship materials.

To help players obtain all the necessary ship materials, we will also add a new challenge that will be open twice a week and where you will be able to farm them.

Furthermore, we are adding a way to convert lower-tier ship materials into higher ones:

System rework - Raids

Counter Side graphics are pretty hard on mobile devices and while we are trying to make the new characters' designs and effects better and better, we feel pretty limited by the raid system. 24 characters fighting a boss at the same time, even with recently added options to hide some effects still causes a lot of issues to our users. This is why we have decided to decrease the number of characters that can be used in raids from 24 to 16.

We also rebalanced Britra, Inhibitor, and Dimensional Worm stats, so they're not impossible to beat now. Also, Inhibitors Wall's health has been greatly reduced, so it should be easier to deal with it now.

Character and Operator balance changes

List of characters that will receive balance changes in the first October update:

  • Nest Keeper Xiao Lin - nerf,

  • Dark Seven Sylvia - buff,

In the case of Xiao Lin, we introduced several adjustments to the Gauntlet, trying to avoid nerfing her, but whatever we did proved insufficient and she is still too strong. This is why we have finally decided to rework her.

Similar to Goliath or Millia, players that will be unhappy with the rework will be able to recall her - more details about how this would work, since she is a Rearmed character will be revealed later.

We are also investigating Awakened Maria, because she's underperforming compared to other Awakened characters, and she will either receive another buff or be reworked too.

A big change comes to Operators too. We plan to make their buff effects impossible to be removed by other characters or operators by default (Serina, your days are numbered - Antillar).

System change - Gauntlet rewards

Based on the results of the survey and after monitoring players' feedback about the recent Strategy Battle change we decided to rework the rewards to make them more compelling.

List of changes:

  • the weekly and seasonal rewards are increased,

    • Ranked now gives 100 Golden Binaries for reaching Challenger in a season for example,

  • the season shop content has been reworked (for details check this week's Global patch notes, as it was already spoiled there),

  • Tier 9 NPC battles are added,

  • you can obtain currency for a successful defense in Strategy Battle now,

  • you can buy additional tickets for Strategy Battle (for Quartz - limited to 10 per day).

New season rewards for Ranked:

The team is discussing more changes to the Strategy Battle, but details can't be revealed yet.

Other information

  • Chris is confirmed to be released in mid-October together with the Halloween event,

  • Maids story will become permanent and you will be able to farm Mone,

  • 2 new skins coming in October (possibly for Halloween too - Antillar),

  • Cafe Strega project will soon be revealed (this looks like a real-life cafe that is Counter Side themed - Antillar).