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KR 2nd Anniversary - changes to the game

Published Monday, 24 January 2022

In addition to new employees, the game itself received a lot of changes with the anniversary patch. Check the translated patch notes here!

Here's a list of all the changes that were introduced with the anniversary patch.


Friendly PVP

Friendly PVP has been added to the game.

You can now challenge friends that are online to a friendly battle. Still, if someone doesn't want to receive challenges, they can block the incoming ones in the options.

Ban Voting

During the week you can vote on three employees and two ships that you would like to see banned. The amount of votes you can cast depends on the number of released employees and ships (1 vote per 70 employees and 1 vote per 20 ships).

Once the week ends, the votes are combined with normal bans decided by the system. Also, the votes from the last two weeks are used, not just last week, to make it a bit fairer.

(The system is a bit weird because it mentions 'top 300 votes' at one point. And now I'm not sure if it means top 300 rank players vote counts only or it's something else.)

Hidden slots in Strategy Battle

Starting from Diamond 2, the Hidden Slots in the teams will be shuffled randomly every day. This means that if you want to bait players to attack you and lose, you will have to adjust your teams daily.

Stat changes

Evasion, Critical and Hit stats PVP penalty has been removed. This means that the three stats will have the same value in both PVE and PVP and employees that rely on CRIT and EVA should be way stronger.

The change is also applied to every piece of gear with the three stats - so EVA accessories will be much stronger now, because they will provide the full bonus to the employee, rather than only 10%.

(I think I can hear Trashbin... ekhm, Awakened Na Yubin fans cheering loudly at the change)

Other changes to Gauntlet
  • added new gear to the PVP shop - Royal, that has Anti-Counter/Mech/Soldier damage as prefix,

  • added number of kills to the Result screen.


Room size

The room size has been unified and now they all have the same size. This change should make decorating the rooms much easier.


Quite a lot of changes here:

  • furniture prices have been reduced across the board - by 10-50% depending on the piece,

  • furniture preset packs (for AC) prices have been reduced by 30-40%,

  • some furniture rarity has been upgraded due to new interaction animations being added to them; those pieces will also have the price increased to match the rarity,

  • passive loyalty gain formula has been adjusted and now the furniture give more bonuses and it's easier to reach the cap,

Moving forward, the furniture will be cheaper and provide bigger bonuses to the dorm.

  • Added nearly 20 animations to all employees that you can check in Dorm. Those animations include: eating, dancing, talking, moving,

  • Also, furniture items can be interacted with and those also have unique animations,

  • some employees will randomly show emotions when they met employees they like/hate.

Time Attack: Beta

A new operation was added that rewards you with unique Furniture for killing the bosses there.

Skip Battle

  • Skip Battle option has been added to Supply Operations, Events, and Side Battles,

    • 3 medal clear is required to unlock the feature,

  • Skip Battle info cost has been removed,

  • Skip Battle limit has been increased from 20 to 99,

  • When a battle is lost, 90% Eternium is refunded (up from 50%).


A new mechanic has been added that replaces skill cooldown with Fury. Fury is built up with Basic Attacks and once the required number is reached, the skill is launched.

This means that employees that use Fury aren't affected by Skill Haste and you scale their damage by using ASPD instead, so they can build it up faster. When an employee that uses Fury is Skill Sealed, he still builds up Fury, but he can't use the skill until Skill Seal debuff ends.

For now, only Jaina Cropel and Eujin Rearm use Fury.

Other changes

  • Item helper has been added - now you can select an item in the inventory and find out where you can obtain that item,

  • added the ability to change Voice Language used by employees (currently KR and JPN languages will be available),

  • streamer mode has been added - it will hide user ID, consortiums, and other information while streaming,

  • the number of enemies killed has been added to the Results screen after the battle,

  • ATK and HP on Relic gear have been increased by roughly 15%.

The changes in this patch should arrive in SEA roughly in 1-3 weeks because a lot of them affect the base game. But no, I'm not sure if SEA will get the ability to change the voice language to JPN.

Link to official patch notes: Nexon Forum