KR Region

July roadmap for the KR server

Published Thursday, 30 June 2022

The roadmap for July has just been revealed! Rearm Han Sorim, first Awakened Soldier, and more!


  • New short story - Miracle Investigation Council 9

  • New Rearm - Han Sorim

  • New Operator - Replacer Rook

  • New Battle Pass Employee - Biblide

Her name comes from Greek and means 'burning with love.'

  • Strategy Battle Rework,

  • Effect transparency slider,

  • Two new School skins (for Young LSY and Charlotte):


  • New event - Iron Horseman

  • New Awakened Employee - Curie (Curian)

We don't know which of the two is the new awaken - but both characters look like they belong to the same faction or we will get Curie in both his normal form and awaken form in the same month.

Also, it's confirmed that Curie will be the first awakened Soldier.


  • New employee - ???

We have only the silhouette for the mystery employee.