SEA Region

Hidden changes in the patch notes. Again.

Published Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Well, today's update surprised the players again as some areas of the game were updated, but there was no mention of the changes in the patch notes.

Let's start with the UI changes.

Inventory UI overhaul

The UI for the inventory has been updated and while it looks better, now you have to tap on each gear piece to see its substats. They've also added more filter options and now you can filter by stats and sets, which is great!

Overall the UI changes probably mean that we should get T7 and Relic gears soon.

Guild Coop changes

The coop changes were the biggest surprise because they happened this week in the KR region. Here's what's new:

  • Increased the number of boss stages from 7 to 15,

  • Level 8 to 15 stage bosses are immune to Skill Silence and Skill Haste reduction effects - which means Mone+Mason cheese no longer works on them,

  • Decreased the stats of 1 to 7 stage bosses,

  • The person who finishes the boss will no longer gain an additional attempt.

Overall to get all the rewards you still need to kill boss number 7 only and the others will help you climb in guild ranking. Also, the ratings for the Guild Coop will be updated in 2 seasons after the meta settles down and we will learn who are the winners of the change.

Here are the stats for the new bosses:

T1-T6 equipment stat changes

Both the HP and ATK stats across every piece of T1-T6 gear has been updated. The change should make obtaining better gear feel more impactful in early game PVE content.

  • ATK Main stat - 1.55-1.6x increase,

  • ATK Sub stat - 3.15-3.2x increase,

  • HP Main stat - 1.8-1.85x increase,

  • HP Sub stat - 3.65-3.7x increase.

Other changes

  • the number of Set Binary you can buy from Guild Shop per week has been changed from 3 to 5,

  • the placement of slots in Workshop has been changed, so the first opened slot is in the top right corner.

Sim Ticket change

While the sim ticket change has been mentioned in the patch notes and we have 6 months to exchange the Simulation Tickets into Simulation Ticket Permits, you can still get them from Dispatches (at least for now). Also if you buy additional Tickets, you have to use them on the same day and you can't stack them anymore.