SEA Region

Hidden changes in recent SEA patch

Published Wednesday, 15 December 2021

As usual, a lot of things have been omitted in the patch notes and we only found out about them after the maintenance finished. Esterosa rework, employee buffs, and client changes - that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Honestly, that's not the first time Zlongame forgot to include crucial information in the patch notes. I don't whether they simply forgot about them or they don't care.

Still, I'm not in the mood to talk about their incompetence again, so let's jump straight to the changes that you might have missed.

Balance changes

Both were already described in other blog posts when they were added to the KR Region. Here are the links: 23/11 Balance patch and Awakened Horizon buffs.

So you don't have to jump back and forth, here's the full list of employees that have been changed:

  • Alex,

  • Awakened Horizon (not in SEA yet),

  • Cho Hojin,

  • Esterosa de Chevalier,

  • Evelyn Keller,

  • Joo Shiyoung,

  • Lee Sooyeon,

  • Millia Rage (not in SEA yet),

  • Na Yubin (not in SEA yet, but only because Zlongame forgot he exists),

  • Naielle Bluesteel,

  • Orca.


  • HP increased by 27.1%,

  • EVA increased by 84.9%.

Awakened Horizon

  • ATK increased by 16%.

Basic Attack
  • increased damage by 50%,

  • increased animations speed by 13%,

  • enhanced attack damage increased by 20%,

  • enhanced attack knockback strength increased from 1200 to 1700,

  • enhanced attack valid hits increased from 2 to 3.

Greatsword Elburj - passive
  • now she gains 3 seconds of immunity after an enhanced attack instead of 2.

Radiant Dash - special
  • 20% increased damage,

  • knockback strength increased from 400 to 1200,

  • knockup strength increased from 200 to 400,

  • retreat range after attack increased from 300 to 400,

  • increased valid hits from 2 to 3.

Over the Horizon - ultimate
  • decreased damage by 15%.

Cho Hojin

  • Fixed an issue that she couldn't target distant enemies sometimes.

Unintended Canister - Special


A soda can is shot out of her purse and rolls forward, inflicting AoE damage. Increases CRIT by 25% for 8 seconds after this skill's effect.

At level 5, increase CRIT by 50% instead.


A soda can is shot out of her purse and rolls forward, inflicting AoE damage. Increases CRIT DMG by 15% for 8 seconds after this skill's effect.

At level 5, increase CRIT DMG by 30% instead.

Esterosa de Chevalier

  • Cost changed from 5 to 4,

  • HP reduced by 10%,

  • ATK reduced by 10.2%,

  • DEF reduced by 10.1%.

Astraia's Blessing - Passive
  • Fixed a bug that the True Damage wasn't applied to the Special skill.

Evelyn Keller's special was bugged and wasn't providing allies with -15% DMG taken buff and only she was affected by it. Now it should work as described.

Her ultimate was also bugged and was giving 15% ATK instead of 10% - in this case, they changed the description to match what the skill was actually doing.

Joo Shiyoung

Counter Stance - Passive
  • Skill damage increased by 9%

Bite - Special
  • Skill damage increased by 36%

Spatial Breakthrough - Ultimate
  • Valid hits increased from 3 to 4.

Lee Sooyeon

Skill Learned from Master - Special
  • Skill damage increased by 17%,

  • Skill animation increased by 30%.

Fatal blow! Lee Sooyeon Strike! - Special
  • Skill damage increased by 17%,

  • Skill animation increased by 30%,

  • Skill cooldown time reduced from 55 to 50 seconds,

  • Knockup value increased by 600 for the second attack,

  • Knockup value increased from 1500 to 2000 for the last attack.

Millia Rage

Septem Voices - Special
  • Skill deals 50% less damage in Gauntlet.

Na Yubin

  • HP increased by 20.1%,

  • DEF increased by 20.1%,

  • EVA increased by 138.1%.

Naielle Bluesteel

  • Added 2% Damage Tolerance stat


  • HP increased by 15%,

  • ATK increased by 10%,

Regenerator - Passive
  • Bonus damage to Replacer/C.O. is increased from 50% to 80%.

System changes

Those were part of the patch that was described in this blog post.

  • team-up rewards will be removed from the game and they will be replaced by single employee advancement rewards (how it will look, check the posts cover image),

  • the rewards for each employee are split into four steps and to reach the final one, you will need to Limit Break him or her to level 110 (in total, you can get 100 Quartz per employee),

  • voice actor will be added to the collection page.

(You can get 75 quartz for leveling an SSR employee to level 100 and 25 additional quartz when you get him to level 110. For lower rarity employees, the Quartz reward is also lower - 60 for SR, 20 for N an R rarity).

  • the NPCs that appear when you pull on a banner will change depending on the employee rarity,

  • if two or more pulls are done at the same time, the NPCs will appear in random order

(Basically, this means that when doing multipulls, SSR rarity employees can appear anywhere, and won't be always in the front. This change was a request from JPN community to make the pulls more exciting.)

  • the amount of points needed to unlock Ranked PVP has been lowered to 100.

Episode 1
  • Episode 1.1 will be fully voiced now.

CRIT stat rebalance
  • the CRIT chance cap has been increased from 65% to 85%,

  • now for every 20 CRIT you will gain 1% Crit Chance, which drastically simplifies the formula,

  • base and level 100/110 CRIT stat will be changed for ALL employees to adjust them better to the new CRIT formula,

  • employees with CRIT perks or equipment will gain more CRIT stats after the rebalance,

  • the main target of an AOE attack will also gain benefits of the AOE DMG Res passives.

Practice mode
  • auto HP recovery off/on button has been added to the Practice mode.

  • 150 pull pity has been added to operator banners,

  • a generic operator banner will be always available from now on (so similar to the generic employee banner),

  • when dismissing an SSR operator, now you also obtain 2 Fusion Cores (the FC will be distributed retroactively, so if you dismissed SSR operators in the past, you will get them after the update).

HP% Damage fix in Gauntlet

While the developers were investigating A. Horizon's underwhelming damage in PVP they found out that ANY skill with %HP-based damage wasn't working correctly in the Gauntlet.

The issue now has been fixed and the employees with those types of skills should be doing more damage now in PVP. Here are the affected employees: Kyle Wong, Lee Jin, Ogami Masaki, Awakened Yoo Mina, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Ramlethal Valentine, and Awakened Horizon.

Various changes
  • You can open multiple Support Boxes at once (up to 100),

  • The 'Do 5 Ranked PVP matches' weekly mission in Battle Pass has been replaced with 'Do 20 Supply Operation missions',

  • Dorm BGM has been changed,

  • Touch effects have been added to some furniture pieces,

  • Improved Z-Index positioning of units to better match their size.

Uff, this probably is the longest blog post ever, but I hope that now you're aware of what's new in the game!